If you’re a dog lover, National Rescue Dog Day may be something you want to participate in. Rescuing dogs rather than buying them from breeders is now widely recognized as a basic humane act. For those who don’t yet know or care about the trend, Tails That Teach, Inc. founded National Rescue Dog Day. The special day, May 20 annually, is meant to raise awareness about the countless shelter dogs in need of homes.
The first Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) each year. Many participating comic book specialty shops throughout North America give free comics to visitors at their shops on that day, though policies differ from store to store. Learn more about Free Comic Book Day 2019 below, including some of the books being given away for free this year.
The first Thursday in May is World Password Day, an annual reminder to change your passwords. Is this really worth a special day of the year? After all, what could go wrong by using 12345 for a password? As it turns out, it is important. Hackers work hard at cracking codes. If any of your passwords becomes compromised, the consequences you face could be serious. Learn more below.
National Gardening Week is coming up April 27 through May 5, and its purpose is to encourage more people to get involved with gardening. The reality is that there are so many great benefits to gardening, no one should wait to get started. Forget about the fact that people in the U.S. are too sedentary for their own good, with an unhealthy 90% of our time spent indoors. Get back to nature in the best way possible, and check out eight reasons to grab a bag of topsoil and start gardening.
Pulling off a good April Fools’ Day prank can be easy, but it’s important to...
On National Joe Day, March 27, it’s all about Joe, though the spelling may vary. You can be Joe or Jo for the day; and if you like it well enough, you are free to change your name permanently! More about the name plus tips for celebrating National Joe Day follow.