10 Totally Doable April Fools Day Pranks

Are you ready for some April Fools Day fun? There are a few general rules to follow for the celebration of mischief. First, don’t do anything illegal or in any other way cause harm. In many countries in which English is the main language, April Fools Day pranks end by noon, as a way of limiting the overspill of chaos. If someone being fooled asks if it’s an April Fools joke, you must confess immediately. Avoid tricking small children and telling lies of a too-serious nature, such as an untrue announcement of a death or divorce.

April Fools Day Prank Ideas

Pranks on April Fools Day can be elaborate or simple. No matter what you come up with, it’s usually something that only makes sense on that one special day of the year when tricking someone is practically expected and can evoke a smile from folks you might otherwise never mess with.

1. This year the 1st of April falls on Easter, which means you can trick your kids with their annual baskets of eggs and chocolates. When the kids first wake up, lead them to find 1-dollar baskets full of raw carrots and perhaps other vegetables, for effect. Then, after the tears have rolled for a minute, bring out the real goodie baskets left by the bunny.

2. Before bath time, paint the bar of soap with clear nail polish and place it in the shower.

3. Adjust a short person’s chair to a high height and then tape an air horn underneath the seat. When the seat drops lower and the sound blasts, hope they don’t fall off the chair and break something.

4. Does a coworker keep a bottle of hand moisturizer on their desk? Replace the contents with personal lubricating jelly.

5. Remove the filling from some Oreo cookies and replace it with toothpaste.

6. Dip onions in caramel so that they look like caramel apples and serve.

7.Thoroughly wet the thin cardboard center of a roll of paper towels and tear it in strips. Squeeze and mold it until it looks like a turd and place it on an office chair, desk, or toilet seat—wherever it will make the best impact on the person you’re fooling.

8. Is someone always asking you to get them a glass of water? When it happens on April Fools Day, prank them good. Flip a half-filled clear glass shaped like a cylinder upside down with a flat cover over it so that it doesn’t pour out and then slide the glass upside down onto the cabinet. Announce that the water is ready. When they pick it up, it will spill everywhere.

9. Make some Jello in a roomy bowl and add an object belonging to someone you’re tricking, whether a co-worker or family member. Make sure the gelatin thoroughly thickens and place the Jello-encased stapler or other object where they will find it fresh from the mold.

10. Place a plastic roach on the keyboard or a fake mouse on the office floor of a person who is especially freaked out by bugs and vermin.

Now that you have at least ten very workable ideas, make the most of your April Fools Day!

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