15 Things Every Student Should Experience In College

Whether entering your freshman year of college or starting your first last day of school, college is an unforgettable time in your life. Why go through those years with no memories? Brisco Apparel gives you 15 things to cross off of your college bucket list before you graduate.

college bucket list

1. Visit A Friend On Their Campus
Whether they go to a small liberal arts school or a big university, it's always good to experience campus life somewhere else. Since you're not a student you can experience the culture without the grades. Attend a sports game, concert, or party on your friend's campus!

2. Take A New Class
College offers tons of room for electives and fun classes, especially if you're in a liberal arts college. Choose from fun courses that peak your interest or something new you'd like to learn. It's proven the more you're interested in it, the better you'll do. Basket weaving, anyone?

3. Meet the Mascot
From the tigers to the lions and the bears, almost every school has a mascot. Scope him out at the next game and take a picture with him! You'll feel tons of school pride and get to check this activity off the list.

4. Run A 5k, 10k, or Marathon
While college life is busy, you might find the time to exercise. Achieve a non-academic goal by running or training for a 5k, marathon, or both. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

5. Attend A Free Fitness Class
Most college campuses offer free fitness classes for students (and free gyms!) From yoga to CrossFit, you can take advantage of possibly the only time this will ever happen to you.

6. Steal A Sign
From a street sign to a sign at the bar, stealing a sign and putting it in your room is slightly rebellious but necessary for a right of passage. Don't worry  - we won't tell.

7. Pull An All-Nighter
That is if you haven't already. Finals and midterms require late-night study hours, so do it right with tons of coffee and no sleep. It's a part of college life that most have accomplished just in their first semester.

8. Play In A Sports Club or Intramural Team
Most colleges and universities offer recreational teams and sports. Joining a team is a great way to meet people outside of your immediate group of friends that give you something immediately in common. Show that you can win by checking this off of your bucket list.

9. Join A Protest
Campuses are known for their protests - no matter the cause. Find something you believe in and join in. The right to protest is something students on college campuses have been doing for decades, after all.

10. Plan A Road Trip
Grab your buddies and hit the road! Road trips, no matter where you go, are cheap, fun, and offer tons of ways to learn something new. Take advantage of your college freedom for a weekend, a spring break, or even a few weeks.

11. Stay At School When Nobody Else Is Around
Staying around for a while? Take classes while sticking around for the summer on campus. Exploring an albeit empty campus is a coll experience and you may meet other people who you've never even seen before.

12. Explore The Library
Some libraries are beautiful, some are haunted - no matter which one yours is, take some time to explore it. Check out a book to actually read or just sit and enjoy the quiet. 

13. Use Your Student Discount - Everywhere
If you have a student ID, you can get a student discount in lots of retail stores and restaurants. From sports events to clothing stores, from taco shops to burger joints, ask for that student discount and use it!

14. Study Abroad
Whether it's just a semester or a couple of weeks, some time overseas is a change of pace and perspective everyone needs. Experience life abroad by applying to your school's study abroad program. Locations vary but the experience is unforgettable.

15. Talk To Someone New
Whether your school is large or small, chances are you don't know everybody. Make a change and talk to someone new - maybe you'll make a friend!

Have you checked any of these off of your bucket list? Comment below and let us know!

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