16 Rainy Day Activities For Kids And Adults

16 Rainy Day Activities For Kids And Adults

Depending on where you live, you can often find some clouds behind the summer sun. When this happens, it's time to stay indoors - at least for a little while. Check out our picks for some great indoor activities to wait out the rain.

rainy day indoor activities for summer

  1. Aquarium
    There's nothing more educational than an indoor rainy day trip to the aquarium. Check around your area or your nearest city for where to head to see some marine life.
  2. Museums
    Get educated and explore the world around you with a trip to the museum. The best part? Some are free and take donations, and you can purchase admission cheap elsewhere. From art museums to historical museums, you can find one near you to wait until it clears up.
  3. Arcade
    If you've got a whole roll of quarters, take a trip to your local arcade. Bonus: for the adults, a barcade might be nearby! Or, try to find an arcade that is BYOB!
  4. Indoor Waterpark
    Even when it's not summer, you can be sure that you can find one of these indoor waterparks nearby. Spend the whole day there or just a couple of hours, this is a great option for families and adults alike.
  5. Mini Golf
    Everyone loves mini golf! And in 2019, it doesn't just have to be outdoors. Sure, there won't be ponds for you to get your ball stuck in, but there is a glow in the dark course to conquer.
  6. Escape Room
    Older kids and couples can take on a challenge which is perfect for any time it's raining. You'll find these escape rooms, in which a group of 10 or less must figure out how to get out of a room in a certain period of time, are themed, so check your area for what's nearby.
  7. Bookstore
    Support your local bookstore or your Barnes And Noble. Burying your head in a book is a great idea for anyone who loves to feel the storm and the story go together. Or, grab a book, head home, and enjoy the rain at home. With everyone's eyes always glued to the TV, a book is a refreshing change for a rainy day activity.
  8. Mall
    What better way to kill some time by staying indoors at the mall? Shop until you drop at your local store or mall.
  9. Spa Day
    Pamper yourself because you deserve it! Stay indoors, put on a face mask, take a bubble bath, and relax with a glass of wine. You'll thank yourself later.
  10. Ice Skating
    When's the last time you went ice skating? Get out of the humidity and slip on some skates as you zip around the rink. This is the perfect way to cool off and have a fun time - bonus points if you can nail a double Axel.
  11. Movies
    Instead of streaming Netflix, buy yourself a ticket and some popcorn and go see a movie. This is a great option for couples to catch the newest flick or for families to see a movie everyone will love.
  12. Crafts
    Taking the kids to a crafts place is sure to keep them dry and kill a couple of hours. Or, if you're an adult, check out Pinots Palette or another paint and sip place.
  13. Rock Climbing
    Strategy and thoughtfulness are involved in rock climbing - which makes it a great option for kids and adults. Pay a one time fee for the day and watch them fly. It will not only kill time indoors, but you'll get a good workout in, too!
  14. Hatchet Throwing
    This is an activity for adults only. Children and hatchets just don't mix. Some places are even BYOB, so you can bring your beer or wine and throw a hatchet. It's said you get to ring a bell if you hit the target in the center.
  15. Planetarium
    Children and adults love space! Head to your local planetarium (if you have one) and see when they're doing special shows to explore the solar system.
  16. Bowling
    This sport has existed for decades! Try a ten pin classic and hit the alley for some rainy day fun.

What is your favorite rainy day activity? Comment below!

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