4 Reasons to Embrace your Inner Bitch

A bitch isn’t shy about letting choice swear words fly. According to researchers who know their shit, it’s positively therapeutic to use swear words. This is just one example of how healthy it is to embrace your inner bitch. The following tips can help you strategically set your inner bitch free. Balance is key, since you don’t want to make a complete turn to the dark side.

1-Control Over Emotions

A bitch, by nature, is not an emotional person. This makes it possible to remain confident at a time when others may succumb to their feelings in puddles of tears. Life is simpler when you can maintain composure. Some people interpret this as a form of cold-hearted bitchiness. But that’s their problem.

2-The Fine Line: Bitchy or Sassy?

Who can deny that life is better when it has some sass? Men don’t deny it! Research shows they prefer to commit to a woman with some confident sass in her. What some call sassy, others call bitchy. It’s somewhat of a fine line. The real distinguishing factor is whether the trait is an eventually off-putting attitude or an inherent part of personality. People are drawn in droves to sassiness but, eventually, repelled by out-and-out bitchiness of attitude.

3-Avoidance of Toxic People

Bitches don’t mess around with people who act as a drain on their confidence or their resources. If you’re too nice, you could easily become a mat people wipe their feet on. You will probably be called a bitch, if you adopt the no-nonsense approach of refusing to put up with a toxic person. Don’t worry about it. It comes with the territory. Your life is better off without people who are pure poison.

4-Spicy Words

Scientifically speaking, cursing is good for your health. If you say things like “fu**-it” and “damn it,” you are probably more confident, less stressed, and in general more attractive than your peers who don’t adopt this bitchy practice. There is simply more impact in a conversation and apparently a person punctuated with cussing.

Go ahead and cut loose. Let your inner bitch have some wiggle room, and see if you end up with a healthier life. If you’re naturally very demure, the switch could begin with something as simple as responding “WTF!” to a demanding text from a toxic person in your life. 

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