4 Shirts For Cool Dudes, dude.

4 Shirts To Prove That You’re Cool. Dude.

Everyone needs a cool wardrobe.

Everyone wants to look fly and neato.

That’s why we compiled this list of graphic tees for cool cool dudes.

So grab your skateboard and your fidget spinner, it’s time to get lit. Yeah, son.

Graphic Tees: You’re One Shirt Away From Being A Non-Sponsored Skateboarder


1.) The Comfy as Fuck Tee

You gotta be comfy as fuck all the time.

Especially if you’re a cool guy.

You can’t be walking around being a not cool guy with a regular shirt that’s not explicitly stating your emotional state.

You can’t just use words to express yourself. That’s not what cool guys do.

Cool guys bottle up their rage and insecurities until they punch a framed picture of their family one day. And that’s the cool guy way.

Only the coolest cats have their clothing tell everyone how incredibly comfortable they are in an obscene fashion.

2.) The Fuck It, It’s Bedtime Tee

Speaking of obscene, we all know that dropping f-bombs are the coolest damn thing around right?


So why not use it at every turning moment in your life. Especially the moments that seem a little unnecessary and a little off-putting.

Funeral? Fuck.

Teaching 2nd grade? Fuck.

In a real life version of the Saw Movies where saying fuck will cause a bomb to explode in your chest? Fuck.

You get the point.

You just gotta say fuck it I’m going to bed sometimes and ride out your responsibilities until it’s almost too late to salvage.

That’s the cool guy way.

3.) The Well-Meaning But Misdirected Feminist Guy Tee

We all know those bitches hate that. 

Nuff said, bro.


4.) The Cheers Fuckers Tee

Finally a shirt that truly expresses how I feel.

Tonight, my Irish Catholic heritage and my deeply rooted insecurities will be set aside.

And we will live like hot-blooded cool dudes standing at the smoky bar.

Grinning at people from across the room until someone comes over and tells us those things only cool dudes here like “you’re making me uncomfortable” and “you have to leave”.

And as we leave, we’ll put on those sunglasses and say “cheers fuckers” because we don’t know how to handle rejection on any level.

Fuck yeah. Cool guys.

Cool Shirts For Cool Dudes, dude

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