4 T-Shirt Designs For Celebrating Memorial Day

4 T-Shirt Designs For Celebrating Memorial Day

Think about those we commemorate on Memorial Day. The best of the best died at young ages so that we could enjoy freedoms. If you had a great or great-great uncle who died in combat, how do you imagine he would want you to celebrate the three-day weekend that’s like a diving board into all things summer? These shirts are probably good answers to that question, which is why they are perfect shirts to wear on Memorial Day weekend.

Red, White & Boozed

Here’s the perfect t-shirt for families who enjoy the tradition of bringing a large cooler of beer for the Memorial Day picnic or barbeque. “Let’s Get Red, White, and Boozed.” It’s convenient, since you can raise a toast to all those veterans who made partying with friends and family in America possible.

Made in the USA

Patriotism is at its best on Memorial Day weekend. The best shirt to pull out of your muscle shirt drawer has “Made in the USA” emblazoned on it. You know you were born in the best country on earth, where freedom rings. Put on some oil and show off those guns while playing volleyball at the beach. You also know you’re what’s greatest about America.

Weed: I Want My THC

You and I haven’t had to shed blood for the right to smoke weed, but more and more states have made it legal. Actually, this is a freedom worth fighting for. We can thank our veterans that we live in a country of laws where the voice of the people can be heard. “Weed: I Want My THC,” and I’m finally getting it.

Time to Get Star Spangled Hammered

It’s worth saying twice that drinking is a great way to spend the Memorial Day weekend. You can show off your patriotic side, as well, with a great “Time to Get Star Spangled Hammered” V-neck ladies’ shirt. Everyone will know you are a party girl who appreciates down time in the U.S.A.

Dressing for Memorial Day celebrations is easy with any of these t-shirts, depending on your celebratory activity of choice.

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