4 Tips for Men Seeking Sex, to Upgrade your Approach

The secret is out, and women are aware that the male species has sex on the brain pretty much 24-7. If that’s how it is for most of you, you can’t really help, can you? Men were obviously born that way. For any men who would like to be in a relationship with a woman and do more than just think about sex, I may be able to help. There are certain things you do that act as a repellant to women. It seems doubtful you realize this. Avoid those things and try other things that may work.


Not a Conquest

If having sex is more about bragging rights than caring for the woman you are intimate with, News Flash! you aren’t good relationship material. It doesn’t feel very good to be thought of as a notch on a man’s belt. Real success is making the effort to build a healthy relationship with a woman. It’s the perfect foundation for a long, happy life, and routine opportunities for rolls in the hay.


Don’t Give in to Pressure

There may be a lot of pressure on teens and men to enter manhood by having sex. If you’re a virgin, don’t let peer pressure push you into doing something you aren’t ready to do. The idea that you are waiting to care for and make love to the right person is the hottest kind of turn-on for many women. It makes you an excellent catch. On the flip side, a guy who thinks raunchy sexual innuendo printed on a shirt or spoken in a bar is a turn-on couldn’t be more wrong.


Resist Porn

If you can admit it, watching porn gives a man unrealistic expectations of sexual relations with any woman who isn’t an accomplished porn star. Watching that stuff gives you a distorted idea about an act that is meant to be sacred between one man and one woman. That was the idea, since Adam and Eve. To enjoy sex with a woman more, quit watching pornography. And, by the way, unless you are a good candidate to be a porn star, you probably don’t want women having the kinds of expectations watching that filth might inspire in them.


Accept our Differences

It may be a good idea to read the classic book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray, Ph.D. This book can literally change your life! It helps you understand that men and women are completely different creatures, by design. Sex is one area in which this definitely applies. Be smart! Learn what women are like, but don’t let it confuse you. Let it instruct you on better ways to communicate with women. Life and sex could get much more interesting, if you try this instead of doing such things as wearing offensive t-shirts.

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