4 Ways to Mess with Stress

4 Ways to Mess with Stress

5 Ways to Mess With Stress

Stress is a terrible thing, but there are some genuine badass ways to deal with it. You don’t have to let stress get the best of you, whether you face work pressure, school pressure, parental pressure, pressing marriage issues, or the self-inflicted perfectionist variety. Kind of like a cowboy takes the bull by the horns, you can take stress down instead of letting it get you down. Here are a few ideas for enjoying a low-stress life.

Get Control of your Schedule

We only live once with the same number of hours in a day. Sometimes our lives get so busy, we don’t have any breathing room. It may seem that there is no way to control your schedule between your job and your family and perhaps your commute. But if stress is knocking at your door and you are starting to wonder when you’re going to get around to being able to enjoy your life, it may be time to make some changes. Your health is literally more important than your job status. Remember that if you have children and you never make time for them, the day will likely come when a giant-sized cancer of practically inconsolable regret starts to take hold. It takes courage to get off the hamster wheel for the sake of some clear-minded living that actually makes sense.

Take Time to Relax

Stress affects our health in major ways. It’s extremely important that relaxation is built into our lives. Do something you sincerely enjoy on a regular basis. Playing basketball with a group of other stressed dudes is a great help for countless men—doesn’t sound relaxing, but it is to most of them. Women can go on spa days, to get fingernails and toenails done. Anybody can benefit from a massage or just listening to your favorite music while refusing to focus on things that cause tension. Simply lay back on a comfy couch with some good lighting and enjoy reading a book the old-fashioned way.

Get Physical

If you have a sedentary job and don’t make a habit of getting exercise, you are in danger of both stress and weight gain. It’s stressful to carry around extra weight and have to possibly dislike what you see in the mirror every day. Bottom line, though, is that we are human beings who need physical exercise, just like we need food, water, and sleep. Not only do we just need it, exercise is an excellent stress reliever.

De-Stress Today

A little bit of humor with a touch of venting can be just the right way to release the pressures of stress. TrendTee.com offers this cocky t-shirt, one which should be worn with caution and no photos of you in it posted on Facebook. Whatever helps you de-stress is probably a good thing. Most importantly, don’t do anything you can get arrested for.

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