4th Of July Movies For Kids And Adults

Sometimes, fireworks get canceled. Whether you want to celebrate America with your children or want to laugh at some old fashioned dirty American jokes, we've got the ultimate list of Independence Day movies to stay in and binge watch this holiday.


Celebrate the 4th of July with great patriotic movies!

For Kids

1. An American Tail
An American Tail tells the "coming to America" immigration story but makes it more adorable and far less sad than a walk through Ellis Island's historical immigration center. Fievel Mousekewitz and his family set sail for America after their home is destroyed by some unlikely (or likely) predators. They, like the colonial Americans, turn to the USA for freedom. Teach the lessons and values of America through this tiny but mighty mouse and his pals.

2. A League Of Their Own
America's pastime is baseball, right? This blast from the past might be a favorite of mom or dad's and can now be shared with the little ones, too. This comedy-drama explores the now defunct All American Girls Professional Baseball League, which came about when the men were off to war. Featuring some stars that the parents will recognize, this movie has stood the test of time and will teach kids all about America's favorite sport.

3. The Sandlot
"You're killing me, smalls" is not just a funny t-shirt line. It is, in fact, a quote made famous by the character "Ham" in this famous American baseball movie. If your kids haven't seen it yet, celebrate summer and the USA with this 90s flick that commemorates the good old days (don't be surprised if your kids are surprised that kids actually played outside.) From outdoor street ball to the classic retro style, there's nothing more American than neighborhood baseball.

4. National Treasure
The Declaration of Independence is more than just an artifact in a building according to this flick starring Nicholas Cage. Cage plays a professional code-cracker who embarks on a journey to protect the Declaration of Independence. A fun family adventure movie, this flick is laced with American Revolutionary War history (some questionably accurate, take this with a grain of salt when explaining the true meaning of this part in America's timeline) that your kids will love.

5. Miracle
If you just can't wait until October rolls around for hockey season, this movie is sure to hold you over and make you proud to be an American. In 1980, the US Olympic Hockey team is coached by a determined Herb Brooks. Through hard work and determination, this based-on-a-true-story film retells the trials and tribulations of the US Olympics in 1980 and the formation of a team that became a winning family. This is a true American tale - one of resilience, perseverance, and United States values. With the odds against them, will the team defeat the experienced and tough Soviets? Nothing celebrates American pride quite like the Olympics!

For Adults

1. Independence Day
War is nothing to take lightly, but if you're gonna start one, it might as well be on Independence Day. When the world is attacked, a counterattack is planned for Independence Day as a last-ditch effort to save the Earth. With Will Smith leading this cast of all-star celebrities, be sure to celebrate the American pride that bleeds red, white, and blue in this movie.

2. Top Gun
Take the journey to the United States military when you watch this classic American flick. Top Gun is a timeless flick that has given life to many pop culture references since its release. Join Tom Cruise in one of his breakout movies and fly high with this tale. Through hard work and determination, Cruises' Maverick works on his craft to be the best pilot and tries to win the Top Gun trophy. Will he win it? Tune in to this movie and celebrate American values at the same time this 4th of July.

3. Coming To America
This adult comedy is one to get some laughs on this Independence Day. Eddie Murphy plays Prince Akeem of a fictional African country who travels to the United States to find a wife. Through his journey, he learns many things about American culture and dating in a contemporary modern life he even works at a McDonald's knock-off. For a fun flick with American values, Coming to America is an excellent choice for the 4th of July movie fun.

4. American Pie
If you're looking for a classic teen movie (that is definitely probably not for teens) this is your choice. What is as American as apple pie? This film, which explores the coming of age choices that five friends make in high school. High School, Teenagers, and Pie - there's nothing more American than that, right? Celebrate the USA with this late 90s hit.

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