5 Reasons People Will Not be Watching Superbowl 53

5 Reasons People Will Not be Watching Superbowl 53

Super Bowl LIII (53) is Sunday, February 3, 2019, but many won’t be tuning in. Sure, fans of the Los Angeles Rams, New England Patriots, the sport in general, and football-shaped appetizers will likely be sitting in front of the biggest screens possible on Sunday. But a lot of people who previously watched chose not to see Super Bowl 52, with 103.4 million viewers in 2018; it was a nine-year low for viewership. In 2017, 111.3 million people watched the big game—so that’s a drop of about 8 million last year. There are plenty of reasons people may not be watching Super Bowl 53, either.

1-Won’t watch the Super Bowl because of Tom Brady

People all over the country will either watch in the hopes of seeing Tom Brady lose or refuse to watch, unable to stomach witnessing him win his sixth Super Bowl ring. It’s easy to imagine that among the latter is 10-year-old Ace Davis of Lexington, Kentucky. His science fair project that proved his hypothesis that Tom Brady is a cheater was the winner of a local science competition. He will move his experiment on deflated footballs next to district, which he says he is confident he will win.

2-Don’t Need to Watch to see Super Bowl Commercials

The commercials have often been the best reasons to watch the Super Bowl. Budweiser commercials featuring those gorgeous Clydesdales are always favorites. Through the years, though, it has become unnecessary to sit through the entire game. The commercials are available to watch as a set on different online venues. Last year, Forbes posted the 2018 commercials. The ads are usually available on YouTube, as well as other sites.

3-The Super Bowl has been Spoiled by Bad Calls, Politics & More

Football players kneeling during the national anthem is a controversy that has soured the NFL for millions of former fans who believe the gesture is disrespectful of our nation and especially our military veterans. Reportedly, almost no players took a knee this year; but the damage has been done. That’s far from being the only reason people are fed up with the NFL. The latest example is the missed pass-interference call obviously seen by referees that caused the New Orleans Saints to lose—statisticians say the odds of their winning with the correct call was at least 98%. Another valid reason many won’t watch is because of the widespread opinion that, indeed, Brady is a cheater.

4-Binge-Watching any of These Shows is Better

There are a lot better things to watch than the Super Bowl, actually. A list of top shows to binge-watch was provided by RottenTomatoes.com at the end of December 2018, and it includes the following staff picks:

  • The Expanse, season 4, which is about the first contact humans have with a race of aliens. There are 25 hours to watch, and the show can be seen on Amazon and Syfy (season 3). Countless lovers of science fiction are confused, wondering why the show isn’t a worldwide hit.
  • Barry, with a 99% approval rating, stars SNL alumni Bill Hader, Stephen Root, Anthony Carrigan, Henry Winkler, and Sarah Goldberg. It’s an HBO dark comedy featuring a hit-man-for-hire who finds normalcy as part of a community of aspiring actors. Hader and Winkler have both earned Emmys for the show. Your binging commitment need only be 4.5 hours—approximately the same length as the Super Bowl, which is 4 hours long or more, if it goes into overtime.
  • Killing Eve is a British spy thriller featuring two female leads—Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer. They are obsessed with assassinating one another. The show offers frequent belly laughs. The 5.5 hours of binging can be seen on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu, iTunes, and Google Play.

5-Doing Taxes and Expecting a Tax Refund

The partial government shutdown is over. Not only was it the longest in history, at 35 days, but it may resume on February 15, according to President Trump. If you’re expecting money back on your taxes, better get it in on the earliest filing date, which is today, January 28. Workers with the Internal Revenue Service are among those furloughed or forced to work without pay during the partial shutdown. This could seriously slow down tax refunds.

Mark your Calendar for February 3

What will you be doing this Sunday? The Super Bowl Sunday is a big day but for a lot of different reasons.

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