5 Reasons to Love Valentine’s Day

Are you bummed over Valentine’s Day because it means you have to buy a gift for your sweetheart? No need to dread the one day each year that celebrates love! You can make it your own and have fun with it. If need be, draw inspiration from thoughts of your first crush. The following seven reasons to love Valentine’s Day may help, too.



Chocolate is the world’s best comfort food, and research continues to show that it also has a place in healthy diets. More than ever, chocolates can be enjoyed with no guilt. But that’s true on Valentine’s Day more than any other. All those heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are no fad. You could buy a large box for your coworkers to share, for your mother, for your lonely single friends, or for yourself. Chocolates don’t have to be for your sweetheart, though it’s also a good idea.


2-You Can be your Cheesiest

It may not fit just any day of the year to go overboard with the theme of love, but it’s entirely appropriate on Valentine’s Day. Play the song that you and your sweetheart call your own at the beginning of the evening together. If you don’t have a song, pick one based on a particular memory or how you feel about your sweetie, and reveal it romantically. Another way to go with cheesy is to give friends, family members, and coworkers old-fashioned Valentine cards—maybe even ones made for children to hand out in school. Add a piece of chocolate with each, to spread the love.


3-Yes, Conversation Hearts!

Since 1866,  2019 is the first year that SweetHeart’s Conversation Hearts made by Necco aren’t available for Valentine’s Day! Hearts everywhere are broken over this development. But there is excellent news! Brach’s has produced their version of conversation hearts, including “Large Conversation Hearts” with messages on them, such as “Heart Breaker,” “Sweet Thing,” “You’re So Fine,” “Hugs and Kisses,” and “Be My Love.” The flavors are apple, banana, grape, sweet mint, cherry, and orange. Yay!


4-It’s All About Love!

Nothing is better than love, and love is what Valentine’s Day is all about! Even if you haven’t had a date in so long that you’ve given up shaving on the weekends, you can celebrate love with the special people in your life. Mom will always be thrilled to be your valentine. You can boldly express affection anywhere it gives you joy, but, please, keep it legal!


5-Dress for the Occasion!

It’s fun to dress up for Valentine’s Day. You can wear a simple t-shirt proclaiming that you are addicted to love. It’s the perfect day to wear a pink dress or tie to work, too. If you’re one of the lucky ones with a date on Valentine’s Day, you can get all spiffed up and look your very best for your love.

Make it your best Valentine’s Day ever, because why not?

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