5 Reasons to Wear a Funny T-Shirt

The ability to make people laugh has unbelievably great benefits, but you don’t have to be a regular comedienne to share humor. Simply wearing a generic funny t-shirt that most people will chuckle at can serve as a magnet to pull the advantages of a good sense of humor right to you. Life is short but hard, and the truth is we adults can all use more laughter. So you can be funny just ‘cause or for any of the following reasons, which all relate to the workplace but could also apply in any setting.

1-Humor Makes you Likeable

If you could work with a funny person or anybody else, who would you choose? Most people want not only to work with people who bring levity into everyday situations, they also want to marry those kinds of people. There are books on how to win friends, and sharing humor is definitely mentioned in many of the top-selling volumes.

2-Opens Communication

When you can get a person to forget whatever concerns them and just laugh, it creates a connection and opens communication. Laughing together draws people to one another’s company. Inspiring laughter could make coworkers more excited about going to work. If you have the quality of humor, employers are smart to hire you, since you can help cut down on absenteeism in the workplace.

3-Levity Increases Productivity

Any atmosphere has more positive energy with humor, and it encourages people to get creative, share ideas, and take risks. Enthusiasm is sparked. In short, productivity is often increased.

4-Relieves Stress

Work can be and often is stressful, which is a very bad thing. Stress has enormous impact on health, in the worst ways. Most of the serious illnesses that cause people to be hospitalized are linked to stress. Laughter is a way to fight stress, especially when the humor is shared.

5-Builds Trust

People with a sense of humor are viewed as more trustworthy than the average Joe, according to many different studies. Part of the trust equation is that humorous people are viewed as intelligent. When you make others laugh, walls between people can crumble, and workplace relationships can be strengthened.

Do Humor Your Way

One of the best qualities of humor is that it feels like an honest exchange. Don’t try to be something you’re not. But you definitely have a sense of humor that could work in your favor. Let it shine through for what it is. It could be that not everyone will get it, but that’s okay. Just the fact that you are being yourself and putting your sense of humor out there is evidence enough that you could reap the same kind of benefits the funniest of comediennes enjoy.

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