5 Ways to Celebrate National Joe Day

5 Ways to Celebrate National Joe Day

If you’re looking for something to celebrate besides sports, the good news is that March 27th is National Joe Day! While basketball lovers obsess over March Madness and the first day of the 2019 Major League Baseball season is Thursday, March 28, you can celebrate one of the quirkiest of weird holidays. On National Joe Day, it’s all about Joe, though the spelling may vary. You can be Joe or Jo for the day; and if you like it well enough, you are free to change your name permanently! More about the name plus tips for celebrating National Joe Day follow.

Is There Significance to the Name “Joe”?

Joe is typically derived from “Joseph,” and it has been an especially popular name ever since the First Noel. Joseph, you see, was the husband to Mary, who gave birth to Jesus in a lowly manger. “Josephine” is a feminine version of the name, and Jo is a common nickname. People named Jolene and Jody are often called Jo, as well.

Long before Joseph in the Nativity story was born, another Joseph owned a coat of many colors given to him by his father. His story is found in the book of Genesis, telling of how his jealous brothers sold him into slavery. He ended up falsely imprisoned, as well. Ultimately, though, Joseph was quickly promoted to 2nd in command over the vast land of Egypt.

The roots of National Joe Day are supposedly in Scotland, where “Joe” originally meant “sweetheart.” It appears, however, that this national day comes down to the meaning that works best for you. Some of your options follow.

5 Ways to Recognize National Joe Day

1-Celebrate the Average Joe

The Average Joe isn’t appreciated in all circles. Some would suggest that average people are forever busy yet accomplish nothing of import. They aren’t sufficiently money savvy to get ahead in life, and they supposedly have big dreams and small effort to see their dreams come to fruition. Pish-posh! This country survives on the sweat of the average Joes and Jos. Think of the guys in the movie Average Joe's that starred Vince Vaughn! Those guys are the backbone of our country and deserve a holiday that focuses on Average Joes.

2-Drink your Favorite Cup of Joe

“Joe” is a nickname for coffee. If coffee is your passion, then National Joe Day is your holiday. It can be all about the java beans. Celebrate by giving the barista your name as “Joe.” Buy coffee for the next person in line, which will make you feel pretty good.

3-Change your Name to Joe for the Day

The number one way to celebrate National Joe Day is to change your moniker to Joe for the day. It would help to wear a name tag so that everyone knows you’re Joe all day long. Keep some extra name tags handy and encourage your co-workers, family, and friends to be Joe, too.

4-Give a G.I. Joe

For those who love opportunities to show appreciation for men and women in the military, make your day about G.I. Joe. You can invest extra effort into thanking veterans and active duty military members for their service. Some people give away G.I. Joe action figures on National Joe Day.

5-Be Joe Cool!

Finally, you can be Joe Cool, aka Snoopy. Wear some cool sunglasses and a hip Joe Cool sweater. Be your alter ego all day, and just have fun with it. No one is likely to forget you, if you’re Joe Cool!

Have Fun With It!

Just relax and have fun with National Joe Day! Let it be the start of a new habit of lightening up more often. Let the kid in you emerge—just don’t do anything Joseph wouldn’t do.

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