6 Christmas Hoodies to do the Season Your Way

Christmas is about as “in your face” as a season can get, and it’s not a thrill for everyone. There’s no way to get away from all the celebration, commercialism, and hoopla. It’s a season everyone can enjoy, though, as long as you do Christmas your way. The following are six Christmas hoodies that represent different attitudes about the alleged most wonderful time of the year.


1-Favorite Christmas Foods

If you’re like a lot of people, it’s the food during the Christmas season that really gets you excited. You can wear a “candy cane brain hoodie” to show that, for you, seasonal treats are the best. The candy cane is a bona fide Christmas food staple. Other favorites are sugar cookies and gingerbread houses. It’s the perfect time of year for anyone with a sweet tooth.


2-Best Christmas Movies

December is an extravaganza of Christmas movies! With the Hallmark channels, Lifetime, and others running Christmas romances practically 24/7, it’s a great time to chill out in front of the television. Many movies bring back sweet memories of childhood. Favorites include A Charlie Brown Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, Home Alone, Miracle on 24th Street, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Christmas Story, and Elf.


3-Christmas Parties Rock

Christmas parties are the absolute best! Gifts are exchanged, the decorations are dazzling, and it’s a time for all-around merriment. Elephant gift exchanges are big fun. Just about everyone can have good reason to throw a party, since the poor and disenfranchised are remembered with generous acts of kindness at Christmas. If you like the parties because you’re naughty but nice, there’s a perfect hoodie for you.


4-Christmas Gifts

Those who aren’t afraid to be honest about how they really feel might wear a hoodie that says, “Oh, what fun it is to open gifts on Christmas Day.” It can bring a smile to just about anybody because don’t we all love to get presents? It’s true that giving is wonderful, whether kids are in the house or not. Gifts have a lot to do with the wonder of the season.


5-Keep Christ in Christmas

The very first Christmas took place in a manger. The reason for the season is often cast aside for Santa and commercialism in general. For those who know it’s all about a baby and a star over a manger in Bethlehem, Christmas is a time of focusing on faith. There has been a genuine battle to keep Christ in Christmas, what with such things as “Merry Christmas” being dubbed offensive and government agencies errantly thinking they have to do away with their nativity scenes. There’s a Christmas hoodie for Christians who believe Jesus is the reason for the season.


6-The Christmas Pet

Cat owners have their very own version of Christmas, oftentimes, since their cat(s) won’t stay out of the Christmas tree. Dogs tend to pee on presents under the tree. The season just isn’t the same, with certain animals around. If you love your cat enough to make such sacrifices, you deserve to wear a Meowy Christmas hoodie.


What is your Christmas Vibe?

The best part of Christmas, arguably, is the spirit of the season. Black Friday brawls aside, it’s a time when people give more generously than usual and get very intentional about reaching out in kindness to friends, coworkers, and the less fortunate. What’s the perfect way for you to do Christmas? BriscoBrands.com probably has a Christmas hoodie for that, too.

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