6 Reasons to Love a Nerd

Not to be confused with geeks, nerds are lovable. Forget about the class divisions among immature children in school. Nerds are likely to be far more successful in the long run than most of the jocks. It’s nice that we live in an age when those who are different are more likely than ever to be embraced. The fact is that nerds are different from the rest of us, including geeks, in very appealing ways.


What is a Nerd?

A nerd is an intellectual who is particularly studious in regard to one field or topic. Achievement is important to them, and they are more focused on skill and knowledge than frivolous matters, such as trivia and accumulating collectables.


What is a Geek?

A geek is an enthusiast in regard to one topic or field but without the focus on intellectual pursuits. Geeks love mementos, facts, and the newest trendy objects within their subject area. Geeks are lovable, too, but that’s a different story.


6 Reasons Nerds are Lovable

A woman doesn’t have to be intelligent to recognize how great nerds are, but she has to at least be discerning. There’s a whole world out there that caters to the female species, but nerds aren’t the ones females need to shop at the mall for. When you’re with a nerd, you can enjoy life on a less superficial level. The following are just six of many ways nerds are lovable:

  1. A nerd has been marching to his own beat since he was small, and he isn’t the type who is trying to impress anyone. There is great freedom in not caring what other people think, and a nerd boyfriend brings you along for the ride.
  2. If we knew all a nerd has gone through in life, we may be tempted to pity him. But all the bullying he went through has molded him into a caring individual. If you’re going through a rough time with a jerk boss or a mean girl, you can expect hugs and understanding. So sweet!
  3. For years of their lives, nerds were doubtful they would ever be with a girl. You are a dream come true. Even if you put on some pounds, he will probably consider you as beautiful as you are now and make you feel that way.
  4. With your lovable nerd by your side, you can win trivia contests with cool prizes.
  5. If your computer ever breaks, your boyfriend can fix it and make it work better than it did when it was new.
  6. Nerds don’t like sports. You have to have dated a regular guy to understand just how much of a winning situation that is.

Spread the Word About Nerds

Your nerdy boyfriend will always build you up. Why not build him up by wearing a nerdy shirt that he will get a kick out of? No one else may appreciate a nerdy shirt with intellectual humor on it, but he will definitely get the joke.




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