6 Reasons Vintage Clothes are Popular

6 Reasons Vintage Clothes are Popular

A vintage shirt is more than just an old clothing item. If clothes are at least 20 years old, they are known as vintage or retro, which is another way of saying “retrospective.” Vintage is as popular as ever, and the following are a few of the reasons for that.

1-Better than Mainstream

Mainstream outfits are unoriginal, and no one with a strong flair for individuality can be truly content blending in. The way fashion works is that certain styles of clothing come in vogue and are then sold by many different brand names. Cheaper garments are typically knockoffs of the outfits released by the big-money brands. This is why the style of a garment can often reveal the approximate time frame of release.

The 1970s, for instance, can be identified by platform shoes, mini dresses, peace signs, bubble letters, psychedelic patterns, and many more distinctive looks. In the current year, you’ll be an original if you wear something from the 70s or in any year considered vintage.

2-A Garment and an Escape

Putting on vintage attire can make you feel like you’re stepping back in time and experiencing life from a different era. The Time Traveling Fashionista series of books by Bianca Turetsky does a wonderful job of capturing the history of vintage garments as well as appreciation for wearing clothes from a different time. The novels are fantastical fun for children as well as adults, and they can inspire a growing fondness for vintage clothing.

3-Timeless Pieces

Anything that has a timeless quality is valuable, and timelessness applies to vintage clothing that continues to be adaptable to current-day trends. The individuals who take excellent care of their clothes and save them for decades have often found that the styles carefully stored in their crowded closets have come back into style again. This amazing quality of vintage clothing is another reason retro garments have become so popular.

4-Fun Styles!

You don’t necessarily need to shop in a vintage store to enjoy vintage styles. T-shirts are widely available with dated images. It can be just plain fun to wear, for instance, a t-shirt with a scene from a decades-old commercial for Tootsie chocolates. Brisco Brands has a vintage collection coming soon. Anyone from the era when the owl commercials first came out is sure to get a huge kick out of wearing or even just seeing a vintage Tootsie t-shirt.

5-The Quality

Have you ever heard someone say, “Things just aren’t made the way they used to be.”? That is a well-worn expression for a reason. Many things have sub-par quality today as compared with many years ago. Automation has had a lot to do with it. Lack of quality control is part of it. Ultimately, what it comes down to is that good quality is a notable trait in a garment.

6-The Story

Vintage clothes could be viewed as clothing with soul. They have a history to them. You can imagine that they could tell some very interesting stories, if they magically had memories and the capability of speech. There’s romanticism to decades-old clothing, and that’s pretty special.

Do you Like Vintage?

If you’ve never worn vintage clothing, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. You never know. A retro t-shirt from Brisco Brands could be a lot of fun to wear and give as a gift to people who love those old Tootsie commercials. Try going vintage today!

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