7 Activities for Your Summer Bucket List

7 Activities for Your Summer Bucket List


It is officially summer come June 21st, and what will you do during the fun season? Throughout our lifetimes, we’re lucky if we get as many as 80 summers. None should be wasted! If you don’t have a summer bucket list, the following are some ideas you may want to use to get one started.


1-Go Ziplining

Do you like a thrilling adrenaline rush? If so, extreme ziplining is the perfect summer activity for you. No matter which of the 50 states you live in, ziplining shouldn’t be too far away. Sometimes ziplining is part of a scenic hiking trail or a tubing adventure. The following are some of the most exciting ziplines in the U.S.:

  • The Royal Gorge Zipline Tours in Colorado Springs, Colorado,
  • The Extreme Zipline at Utah Olympic Park,
  • Hocking Hills Canopy Tours in Ohio, and
  • Alpine Adventures in New Hampshire.


2-Go Snorkeling

If you’ve never been snorkeling, this summer is a great time to explore underwater like never before. Although you can snorkel in practically any body of water, it’s best to go in crystal clear waters. You’ll be able to see sea creatures and fish of all sorts up close and personal. Pack your courage because you could encounter a dangerous stingray or a shark while you’re gliding through the water propelled by your flippers. Snorkeling is a fun way to cool off and get close to nature.


3-Take a Road Trip

How many great destinations are within fairly comfortable driving distance from your home? They are all places you can go whenever you find some free time and some gas and snack money. You may also need the price of admission for one or more attractions and a night or two at a hotel or in a cabin. If you enjoy history, just about anyplace you go can be perfect because every city has an interesting past. Just getting away from routine is a vacation in itself.


4-Learn a Party Trick

Make yourself famous for the fun you can bring to any party. You may want to learn how to juggle, do some stand-up comedy, astound audiences with magic, or perfect your beer pong skills. Practice your chosen party trick throughout the summer and look forward to amazing your friends at an end-of-summer party. The idea is to inspire demands for an encore performance at all parties to follow.


5-Camp Under the Stars

Whether out in your own backyard or at a wilderness campground, enjoy a campfire at night. Then sleep under the stars. Just be sure you’re in an area where it’s considered safe to snooze without a tent covering.


6-Go Surfing

While surfing is a commonplace activity for some people, you may be one of the majority who has never ridden waves on a surfboard. You may find that hanging ten comes naturally to you. Before you head for the nearest beach, make sure it’s a place with good waves for surfing.


7-Start Learning to Play a New Instrument

Playing music is a pleasure that can be shared with others. Summer could be the perfect time to begin playing the instrument you’ve always wanted to play. Take lessons in person or online and learn to play the piano, guitar, flute, drums, or whatever instrument you most desire to learn.


Work on that Summer Bucket List!

Summer has the feeling of freedom, same as it did when we were children getting a three-month break from school. Enjoy your freedom to break out of the normal routine of life. Get more out of your summer by doing things you’ve really always wanted to do and others you may have never dreamed up for yourself. Go for it!


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