7 Benefits of Daring to be Lazy

Benefits of being lazy - get the t-shirtLife can become a total blur, especially when all of our moments of pause are often spent on our smart phones. Shutting down is something that should be done much more frequently than on vacation. Although there is a stigma to laziness, maybe there shouldn’t be. Check out seven benefits of laziness below.


  1. It’s Only Natural

Diligent people who never seem to take a seat can make a person feel guilty about being lazy, but there’s no need for that. The truth is that our bodies just naturally strive to conserve energy. We are doing what we were created to do in summer, for instance, when the discomfort of heat puts us in a sedentary mood. Winters are soporific, due to extra melatonin produced in our bodies, making laziness a perfect fit for cold weather.


  1. Opens up Creativity

A constantly active mind can miss out on the creativity that is only borne out of lazy time. Many people experience all their most brilliant ideas when they are just laying around and giving their brains and body a break. On the flip side, many people find that working hard to force a new idea is like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall.


  1. Glowing Skin

Stress is associated with continuous activity and striving. When you take the time to be lazy, you may find that the mirror is friendly to you, with your skin free of unsightly conditions. Stress induces inflammation, causing some people to have outbreaks of eczema, rosacea, acne, or psoriasis.


  1. Sound Sleep

Exhausted people are often the ones that have trouble getting a good night of sleep. Those who slow down and venture into laziness tend to sleep more soundly. As a result, memory is improved, the attention span is sharpened, and health is improved. Lack of sleep can compromise the immune system and cause complications leading to heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health conditions.


  1. Burst of Momentum

After taking the time to be lazy, it’s natural to find that something has been put off till the last minute. The thrill of it is that at these times, there is an intensity of focus and ability to concentrate so that the task is completed quickly and correctly.


  1. Small Tasks are Completed

Laziness often overtakes a person just in time to avoid doing a large project of some kind. As a result, smaller tasks are often accomplished with great flare. More can be checked off the to-do list, though perhaps not in the right order, priority-wise.


  1. Makes you Happy

It’s kind of tough to truly enjoy life if you never take the time to just stop all motion. When you’re lazy, the present tends to come into focus. You can appreciate just chillin’ and watching your favorite shows, drinking a great cup of coffee, or reading a good book.

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