7 Ways Your Dad Can Be Trendy

Your dad deserves a great gift for Father’s Day, especially if he cares enough to be trendy. Just having a dad at home is cool or whatever. But when Dad knows the lingo and knows what’s trending, he’s totally flossy.

7 Ways Your Dad Can Be Trendy

1.) By talking Minecraft

Minecraft is never going to go out of style. That’s how awesome it is, and your dad is trendy if he knows what the following words mean or who the characters are. He also uses them accurately in sentences:

2.) By Watching all Star Wars Movies

The latest movie in the Star Wars saga recently came out. If your dad has already seen Solo: A Star Wars Story, don’t get the man a freaking tie. Get him a gift that will says he’s the best.

3.) By Being Mildly Offensive

Real men embrace their true manhood, which has probably always been at least a little offensive. He works hard and stays between the lines most of the time. Dad deserves to wear a shirt that tells the world he’s a Bleeping Savage.

4.) By Letting it Rip

If your dad never asked you to pull his finger, he may be a bit uptight. The most natural thing in the world for a man to pass wind. Your dad is trendy if he’s unashamed of the volume, smell, and reach of his farts.

5.) By Making Politically Incorrect Jokes

The world has been dictating a new norm, which is to be careful that no one’s feelings can ever be hurt or offended by your words, actions, gender, or menu choices. It has gotten so crazy that some people have proposed changing the word “man” to something less offensive! Your dad is trendy because he would have some choice words to say about that.

6.) By Toking

Sure, your dad lived in the days before social media, when everybody got away with all kinds of jacked up shit. He’s too cool to pretend he doesn’t know the benefits of smoking weed. He’ll even wear a marijuana t-shirt.

7.) By Staying Cool

Working for The Man hasn’t spoiled your dad’s awesomeness. He was always bad, and he still is. He doesn’t pretend to be completely domesticated, even to keep peace with your mom.

Trendy Dad On Father's Day

Father’s Day can sometimes be lame, mostly because of the gifts he gets. The best present you can get your dad for Father’s Day may be to just tell him how trendy he is. There aren’t many dads you can say that about.

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