All The Spider-Man Movies, Ranked

All The Spider-Man Movies, Ranked

He does whatever a spider can - he's Spider-Man! Comic book fans and movie nerds alike have been charmed by this web-slinging superhero. The newest superhero flick, Spiderman: Far From Home, drops in theaters this week, so gear up by watching its predecessors.
From Andrew Garfield to Tom Holland and Tobey McGuire, this superhero has seen lots of faces and defeated many different villains (and box office records.) Check out our ranking for all the Spidey movies, ranked from worst to best. And before you head to the premiere weekend, pick up one of our Spidey tanks or tees!

spider man movies ranked

7. Spiderman 3
Spiderman: Tobey Maguire
This third trek into this division of Maguire's Spiderman was an..interesting one, to say the least. Bit by an evil symbiote, Peter Parker (spidey's actual persona) undergoes a personality transformation that turns him into an awful human being. This is the film out of all the three in the series that has comedic relief but too much drama for what a superhero movie should have. Though it turned out to be the highest grossing film in 2007, it became the last that Maguire did for the franchise before its reboot with Andrew Garfield in 2012.

6. Amazing Spider-Man 2

Spiderman: Andrew Garfield
Peter Parker has just graduated high school. After nearly killing his girlfriend, Gwen Stacey, they agree to break up so as not to further harm themselves. Enter the villain "Electro," a human man who ends up in a sticky situation at the Oscorp laboratory. Balancing human emotions and romance along with defeating villains is what Peter Parker and Spiderman do best. However, this movie seemed to flop and further installments of this Spidey were canceled.

5. Amazing Spiderman

Spiderman: Andrew Garfield
Again, Peter Parker and Spiderman are arguably the most charming of all the superheroes, but it just wasn't enough to top this list. Marvel introduces Peter Parker to a new audience, this time in high school instead of Tobey Maguire's slightly older version of Parker. The origin story is good enough - bit by a radioactive spider, given cool powers, etc. However, aside from Garfield's performance in this movie, it pales in comparison to its predecessor and what is later to follow with Tom Holland's Spidey.

4. Spider-Man

Spiderman: Tobey Maguire
Back when there weren't over 50 Marvel characters to keep track of in one film, there was Spider-Man. It was this series of movies that set the precedent for the monstrous genre that it is today. Macguire's breakout performance as Peter Parker, a young adult in New York City, transforming into a superhero after being bit by a radioactive spider, seemed unbelievable in 2002, but Maguire made it look easy.

3. Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse

Spiderman: Too Many
Leave the violence and the blood to the real universe. Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse is a little bit of a different take on Marvel's classic character. New Yorker Miles Morales becomes Spider-Man, only to realize that there are tons of other Spider-Man in tons of other universes. All come together to team up against the villain of all villains, "Kingpin." Featuring the voices of Jake Johnson, Nicholas Cage, Liev Schrieber, and Kimiko Glenn, this all-star cast creates a fun world that even the most straight-laced comic book lover can get lost in.

2. Spider-Man: Homecoming
Spiderman: Tom Holland
Just when you think we didn't need another Spider-Man reboot, you might have just discovered it was exactly what you needed. Newbie Tom Holland is introduced in Captain America: Civil War to walk right into his own movie just one year later. We are introduced to the charming yet nerdy Peter Parker, a regular kid who just wants to finish high school. I'll skip the rest because you probably already know it (see above) but this reboot is vibrant, hilarious, bright, and so charismatic that even Tony Stark was a little jealous of how many viewers this franchise attracted when it came out in 2017. This graces the list at the top because all you need to do is watch it once to realize that Tom Holland embodies everything Peter Parker and Spiderman is.

1. Spider-Man 2
Spiderman: Tobey Maguire
Most of the time, the sequel is never better than the original. In this case, it was. Spiderman's success laid the groundwork for today's superhero movie. Spiderman 2 took it and raced it further down the line, creating depth that the first one wasn't able to achieve. There was something in it for everyone - romance for mom and laughs for dad, superheroes and a bad guy to beat for the kids - all the ingredients for the perfect summer blockbuster. It was the third highest grossing film of 2004, and we're not the only one who's ranked it high - it is a highly regarded superhero film based on the editing, effects, graphics, and acting amongst other details.

Do you think Spiderman: Far From Home is going to top the list after its release? Comment your thoughts below!

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