Bad News: It’s Getting Tougher and Tougher for Men to Man-Up

If you buy into political correctness and the idea that male dominance is a major problem in this world, this article is not for you. The reality is that men and women are different. Thanks to rampant fatherlessness and feminism in the U.S., much has been lost in the way of raising boys with manliness. For instance, a 2016 study showed that the average college man has the same grip strength as a 30-year-old mother. That may not seem like a problem but it is. Men are physically larger and were given a protective role from the beginning of mankind. Inherently, men know this, though perhaps buried deep down under layers of modern social messaging.

Fatherlessness is Much to Blame

The role of men was once much more secure than it is today. The understanding of a clear difference between the sexes was uncomplicated in a good way. After divorce and what was formerly widely recognized as “living in sin” became social norms, fatherlessness became more and more common.

Boys are better off with a healthy father figure. Research shows that they suffer a crisis of identity when their dads aren’t around. When fatherless boys grow into men, it is difficult for them to take initiative and demonstrate leadership. They also usually have deep-rooted anger. Having a father gives a boy a strong sense of belonging. Without that familial security, they tend to be drawn to gangs.

Our prisons are full of men who grew up without a father.

Instead of growing up to be confident men who behave like gentlemen, boys without fathers usually struggle to man up.

The Feminist Beat-Down

Feminism snuffs out male pride by any means possible, it seems. Gentlemanly acts are frowned upon by those who buy into the sexual revolution. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with males acting in ways that are natural to them. Men, on average, are totally different from women. This is okay. It is as it was meant to be. Women should not be threatened by men who act the way God intended, whether that man loves to shoot guns, cook meals, lift weights, watch every sport imaginable, ride bikes, dance, and/or behave in a crude manner.

Men are okay, but feminism would train them to get down, like a naughty dog humping your leg.

This isn’t to glorify sexual dominance or violence of any kind but to say that men were created to enjoy being the rescuers, the strong ones, the problem solvers. Yes, women are incredibly gifted and quite superior at multi-tasking, as a rule, but that doesn’t make men “less than.”

Things would achieve a nice balance if everyone were free to exercise their natural tendencies, balanced with proper training in how to be a valuable person in society. Men in particular have been the target of endless bashing for years, with the obvious intent to re-shape behaviors into something that leaves men feeling as though the world is a place where they don’t seem to belong anymore.

My suggestion? Rise up! But be gentlemen about it. 

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