Chubby Unicorns and More Signs you Have a Sense of Humor

Chubby Unicorns and More Signs you Have a Sense of Humor

Wearing a sweatshirt is always comfy. Wearing a funny sweatshirt is even better. Whether you like it for a chuckle or because you really care about the environment, this Save The Chubby Unicorns Hoodie is a classic. Life is just better when you keep a positive outlook, and a funny t-shirt can help anyone who sees you wearing it feel a little less serious.

Do you have a good sense of humor?

Wearing a Save the Chubby Unicorns Hoodie or some other funny shirt from Trend Tee is in itself a sign that your sense of humor is intact. But t-shirts aside, have you ever wondered whether you really have a good sense of humor? There are some signs that identify how likely it is that you help lighten others’ loads with smiles and laughter:

  • When it comes to being a bona fide comedian, conscientiousness can be the defining quality. It seems that humor often and perhaps in most forms sort of makes fun of the human experience. There is a fine line, however, between goodhearted humor and mean jokes. Anyone with a good sense of humor definitely knows the difference, including how to walk that line successfully. Ellen DeGeneres said in an interview that one of her goals is to be an example of inspiring laughter without hurting people’s feelings.
  • If you have a quick wit, even if it’s used for sarcastic comments, you are a creative person with a sharp brain. You have such a good sense of humor, no one needs to tell you.
  • When people mention things like your advancing age and things in your life that could be consider flaws and you share their amusement, you have a very good sense of humor. Other people might fret over things like new wrinkles or birthdays that introduce new decades, but not you. You just keep smiling and keep a lighthearted outlook on life. A Save the Chubby Unicorns Hoodie is probably right up your alley.
  • If you have a ready laugh or you simply smile often, you have a good sense of humor because you don’t let life get you down. Everyone has blessings they can count but many people tend to focus on the negatives. Not you! Your sense of humor is like a gift to the world.

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