Everything Coming To Your Streaming Services This August

Who even watches cable TV anymore? Check out our list of movies and shows coming to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon this August. 

everything coming to netflix in august (and other streaming services, too!)


August 1 
Groundhog Day
Who remembers this classic movie? You can basically describe this plot as de ja vu gone wrong. Tom Hanks stars as a man who wakes up and re-lives the same day over and over again. Catch this classic in your queue.

August 1
Now And Then
This coming of age story about young teens living in the summer of 1970 is a classic. Starring Rosie O Donnell, Christina Ricci, Thora Birch, and more of an all-star cast, follow four friends as they flashback between adulthood and their life-changing summer. Perfect for a mother-daughter movie date!

August 1
Rocky I, II, III, IV, V
Summer is the time for blockbusters so it's no surprise that these five movies will be on your Netflix list. Follow the most famous boxer in cinematic history as he takes on challenges in his professional and personal life.

August 1 
Sex And The City: The Movie
Follow your four favorite ladies on the trip of a lifetime. This TV show might be long gone, but you can catch up with the Charlotte, Samatha, Carrie, and Miranda in this chick-flick adventure.

August 1 
The House Bunny
Anna Faris stars in this comedy as Shelley, a former Playboy bunny who is forced to find a new place to live after she gets booted from the mansion. Acting as the house mother for a run-down sorority house, she teaches the girls she meets how to feel beautiful inside and out while learning a lot about herself.

August 9
Glow: Season 3
The eighties nostalgia continues with this saga, as the third season picks up and follows your favorite characters in the women's wrestling world.  Follow their Las Vegas adventures of Alison Brie, Marc Maron, and the ladies of wrestling.

August 9
IZombie: Season 5
Netflix never lets their shows go past four seasons, so if you haven't caught up - iZombie is that good. Liv will be eating more brains and solving more mysteries - what could be better? 

August 9
Rocko's Modern Life - Static Cling
After being stuck in space for 25 years, Rocko and the crew return to O-Town in the mid-00s. What will happen? Reunite with old friends from the 90s with this classic cartoon special with a modern spin.

August 13
Tiffany Haddish: They Ready
You've seen her in movies and on TV and even hosting awards ceremonies. Get ready for "Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready," her new Netflix special. Haddish's upbeat and kooky sense of humor will have you giggling the whole time.

August 16
Invader Zim: Enter The Florpus
The 90s babies can't wait for this one! With this new Netflix special film,  Zim will try to take over the world once again. Will it work this time? Check out this film to see.

August 29
Workin Moms: Season 3
This sitcom's saga continues with this funny and relatable comedy. More shenanigans, more mom humor that everyone can relate to - even if you're not a mom.

August 30
The A-List
Looking for a teen drama? The A-List has it all - drama, humor, love - what else could you ask for? Follow these teens as they get into shenanigans at a haunted sleepaway camp. What could go wrong?


August 1 
The Brady Bunch Movie
They're America's favorite family. Enjoy your parents (or grandparents) favorite TV show as they enter a talent contest to win $20,000 to save their land. While it doesn't star the same cast as the TV show it is based on, you can count on the cheesy family bonding that will always be associated with Brady.

August 1
Big Fish
This Tim Burton movie is a classic. Starring the regular cast of characters (Helena Bonham Carter, Ewan McGregor, Missi Pyle, etc.) through a magical journey in an alternate universe. This fun flick is perfect for the family! (It is PG-13!)

August 1 
Final Destination
Your nightmares will become a reality with this movie (and yes, there are more.) Whatever is bad can happen and will happen in this flick that is not for the faint of heart.

August 1 
This 90s movie is a classic that Millenials will enjoy. Hackers centers around a computer genius who has been banned from the one thing that he excels at. He wants more than anything to get back on the computer, so the audience will see what shenanigans he gets into when he tries to get back into that world.

August 1
Meet The Parents
Robert DeNiro and Ben Stiller star in this classic comedy. Stiller plays Greg, who plans to ask his fiance for her hand and ask her father for permission. DeNiro, as Jack, puts up a front that leads to shenanigans ensuing. Who will win in this battle? Watch to find out.

August 1
Spider-Man 3
Arguably the silliest of Tobey Mcguire's franchise, the third installment in this 00's superhero staple is the perfect option for anyone wanting to re-live the growth of superhero movies. 

August 1
Star Trek
There isn't just one Star Trek movie - it's all of them coming to your screen soon enough. Your inner space nerd can geek out and go intergalactic with your binging.

August 1
Step Up
This classic dance movie is a blockbuster flick. While it's not for all audiences, it is a feel-good film about a kid's self-discovery and passion for hip hop dance. Real-life actors Jenna Duwan and Channing Tatum fell in love with this movie set - watch their chemistry and groove along to the music.

August 6
Attack On Titan - Season 3A
Fans of this Anime television show are happy to know that it's back. This world is wide and now it's time to explore more.  Binge as much as you want - be happy the humanoids aren't real.

August 6
Bachelor In Paradise  - Season 6
This Bachelor spinoff will feel the need of Bachelornation as they are just hanging off the tails of the last season of the Bachelorette. Join some of your franchise faves (Demi, Hannah, Blake to name a few) and see who shenanigans ensue.

August 22
A Simple Favor
Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively star as two moms who become friends - or so they think. One day, when Emily goes missing, Stephanie begins to realize that everything isn't always what it seems.


August 2
This retelling of a Persian War is a way to sit down, veg out, and watch violence ensue. With Gerard Butler at the head, this flick is perfect for men and women.

August 31
Failure To Launch
For once, Kate Hudson doesn't star in this rom-com. Instead, it's Sarah Jessica Parker alongside heartthrob Matthew McConaughey as she tries to help him gain the confidence to move out of his parent's house. The two quickly fall in love (surprise.) Watch it unfold on Amazon.

August 31
Godzilla (2014)
A monster film? Classic! Curl up with this flick and expect buildings on fire, disaster ensuing, and a giant lizard. Of course, you can't ask for anything better - it's the perfect rainy day movie.

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