Fall Into Fun Fall Activities

Fall is here again and we at Brisco just can't get enough of it. From the fall foliage to the crisp air and the sun warming up the comfortably cold air, there is nothing better than putting on your favorite sweater and crunching through the leaves. 

Fall Activities From Brisco

Be sure to check out our list of fun fall activities below and check them off as you do them!

1. Apple Picking
This might be the most basic thing ever, but it's fun and you can use apples for so many things. The activity itself lets you look at the fall foliage and is super sweet.

2. Figure Out A Corn Maze
Getting lost in a corn maze is a fun way for the little ones to work their brains. Even if it's haunted (also popular this time of year) they can find their way out with a little bit of pep in their step - just don't eat the corn.

3. Play Football
Just like the pros, toss the pigskin around and teach your family and friends to put some arm into it.

4. Go Hiking
Walk your way through the fall foliage by taking a hike on the nearest trail. It lets you get some cardio in and lets you breathe in the fresh air - a win-win!

5. Attend A Fall Festival
Its time to get on your comfy sweater, pour yourself some hot chocolate and eat some apple pie. Where can you find all of these things in one place? Your nearest fall festival. Celebrate autumn in style!

6. Go Camping
Before it gets too cold, why not back your bags and camp out. Even if it's just in the backyard, you can enjoy the great outdoors in style. 

7. Visit A Sunflower Farm
Take a trip to your nearest and dearest sunflower farm for a fun opportunity to stop and smell the, well, flowers. It's great social media material and creates a beautiful aroma, too.

8. Drink Apple Cider
Drink up! It's like the apple picking, but with cider - there's nothing better than that. 

9. Make Butternut Squash Soup (or any soup!)
It's soup season so make sure that's exactly what you whip up. Whether its tomato, butternut squash, or chicken noodle, it's perfect for this weather.

10. Bake A Pie (Pumpkin or Apple preferred)
Get that crust, get the fresh pumpkin or apple, and get cooking. Even the most novice of bakers will love to get their hands dirty with something delicious.

11. Celebrate Oktoberfest
Oktoberfest can be celebrated everywhere, you don't have to be in Germany! Grab your stein, fill it up with your favorite beer, and put on your lederhosen. Don't forget your bavarian pretzel!

12. Shop Till You Drop With New Fall Sweaters
The best time to shop in the fall? Right now! Sweaters and cardigans of all kinds are waiting to be worn. Layer up at your favorite stores like Old Navy, Macy's, and more.

13. Run A 5k (Or Walk)
With the weather still being nice, you can sign up for a run or walk and get moving. Plus, most of them are for charity so you can get moving for a good cause.

14. Go For A Hayride
From a spooky soiree or family fun farm, no matter which way you swing it, you can be sure that it will be a joyful time for everyone. Check your local area for farms - most will provide hayrides during the daytime and some will probably provide local haunts.

15. Tour A Winery or Brewery
Now, more than ever, wineries and breweries are popping up everywhere. Check your local listings for wineries and breweries - from Oktoberfest to Harvest Festivals, these hotspots have a ton of events going on especially this time of year.

16. Visit A Sunflower Farm
Just like your local farm, Sunflower Farms are fully functioning in the fall. They might even have a maze and a hayride to make a whole day out of it!

17. Attend A Fall Festival
Interested in a ton of the above activities all rolled into one? Check around you for fall festivals that provide all the welcoming harvest-ful fun that you could ever want!

Do you have any fun suggestions to bring in the fall season? Comment below!


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