How To Be Edgy As A Parallelogram


Are you edgy?

Sure. You’ve got edges.

From the ironic Hot Topic tee to the Depeche Mode vinyl in your bedroom, you’ve got edges.

But are you edgy?

Like Tyler Durden or a dark modern rendition of an old Disney classic? Edgy.

Edgy is defined by reputable source as a term

“Applied to books, music, or even haircuts which tend to challenge societal norms and reveal the dark side.”

So do you have that dark side? That weird creepy watching horror movies alone dark side? That stare into the mirror and post Tumblr quotes about how lonely you are dark side?

Step into the world of true edginess for 5 minutes with us. And start edging. Now.


4 Novelty Tees For Edgelords

Big Tipper T-Shirt

What’s edgier than pushing around cows?

I’ll tell you. Nothing.

Cows are the sweetest creatures that roam the earth and this shirt says you just don’t care

Because you’re too caught up in shaking your fist at the consumer culture that we’ve been shackled to, man.

If I Was A Bird I Know T-Shirt

You know what’s edgier than pushing cows over?

Oh boy.

You know it.

Using your dark imagination to do the unthinkable.

Figuratively turning yourself into a pigeon and pooping all over someone. In your mind. At least.

Yeah. Super edgy.

Nothing edgier than birds shitting on things.

I think Satan is pleased.

Life’s A Bitch that’s You T-Shirt

Oh yeah, here we go.

Now we’re really getting into edgy territory.

You know what’s edgy?

Insulting people for no reason at all. This is the perfect.

F*ck You You F*cking F*ck T-Shirt

Here we go.

The be-all end-all of edginess.

Meaningless use of obscenities.

Nothing is edgier than yelling out a fuck completely devoid of meaning. Nothing is more dark or sinister than pouring out a bowl of cereal and dropping a hot f-bomb. Nothing is meaner and more avant-garde than pointing to someone you feel honestly pretty neutral about and then pointing to this shirt. It just goes with the territory of being a true edgelord.

These Edgy Shirts And You

So by now we hope that you’ve had enough time to really go in on that edgelord feel.

Grab one of these shirt along with your fedora and your completely unsolicited opinions.

Do you have a favorite edgy shirt? Let us know in the comments


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