How to Get your Act Together in 5 Easy Steps

Does your life seem to be out of control or simply headed in the wrong direction? It’s easy to throw pity parties and feel like a victim, but those things will do nothing to help the situation. It’s a good thing to want more out of life than the same old partying, for example. A famous Einstein principle to remember is that the definition of insanity is expecting new results without changing anything. So, with the following changes, you may find that your life is much improved and on a better track.


1-Choose Associations Wisely

If there are people in your life who are nothing more than a drain on you, it’s a good idea to evaluate the relationships. They could be toxic! For example, when one person does all the giving and the other does all the taking, it really sucks for the giver. Are you the person who is never on the receiving end? Most definitely if it’s a family member but also if it’s a friend, hopefully you can work things out. Otherwise, your life will be much improved if you create distance from people pulling you down and then forge new, satisfying friendships.


2-Handle Money More Responsibly

It’s shocking how much easier life is when you are a person with a good credit score. The interest rates you pay can go from 28% to 3%, for example. The money you save annually by demonstrating financial responsibility is mind-boggling! Make necessary sacrifices for a while, pay down your debt, and put some money in savings as a cushion for unexpected emergencies.

How do you do this? Pretend you get a smaller amount in pay than you actually do. Perhaps you’ve noticed that whenever you’ve gotten raises you’ve just started spending more money, rendering the raise practically void? Taking control of your finances will take life up a notch or two, especially if it means you can move out of your parents’ house.


3-Do More Stuff!

Sacrifice here and there on day-to-day costs and save up for things you will sincerely enjoy. Plan a weekend to go hiking up a mountain with friends. Drive wherever needed to attend the concert of a favorite artist. Take a class to learn more about your favorite hobby. Fly out to visit your favorite cousin who moved across the country. Set goals for things to do besides the mundane.


4-Love Yourself Better

Whether it means getting more exercise, using all your vacation days, `quitting a bad habit, taking more luxury baths, or reading more books, do a better job of loving yourself. A lot of us just live with things we hate day after day, when a little effort could change everything. You have a lot more power than you think. Believe you are worth doing what will make you happier for the long run. And then do it.


5-Love Others Better

The best things in life come down to people. This is something every sane person on a death bed has figured out. If your life could seriously use an upgrade, maybe it’s because you’ve been forgetting the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Show others kindness, understanding, and mercy. Just be good to people and volunteer your time to help the less fortunate. You’ll be oh-so-glad you did!


Ready, Set, Go!

You only live once. No need to get depressed, if you’ve been feeling unsatisfied. Turn the course of your life around. It’s a lot easier than it sounds, as long as you get yourself motivated. As needed, get help to get it together. You are worth it!


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