How to Keep a Sense of Humor in Lieu of Complaining

How to laugh and not to complain

So the sun is hot. Is that really something to complain about? Considering that we live in America, where our poor are wealthy in comparison to what people have in many other nations, maybe not. In fact, there are many things commonly complained about in the US that probably shouldn’t be, since they ironically contain within themselves something obvious to be thankful for. The following are common complaints and tips for maintaining a sense of humor.


8 Things People Complain About

Complaining is Too Easy

Sometimes it makes sense to complain, but sometimes all that a person needs is a sensible perspective. The following are common complaints that could easily be averted, if you think about it:

  • My job is from 9 to 5 every Monday through Friday.
  • The free Wi-Fi is slow.
  • The pre-flight lines at the airport are too long.
  • It’s hot outside…or raining or cold, etc.
  • Waking up in the morning is the worst.
  • People complain too much.
  • Someone left the toilet seat up.
  • I have a hangover.

5 Ways to Maintain a Sense of Humor

Turn your Frowns Upside-Down

Even if sweat is dripping off the end of your nose before you can get from your home to your car, you don’t have to let the hot weather get you down. Sometimes it does require focus and intentionality to keep a good sense of humor, but it’s worth it. Just finding things to be thankful for can be enough to make a grump stop acting like a chump.  Fact is, if you have a house and a car, that alone is something to smile about. Just avoid taking things for granted.

Going a step further than being thankful is to see humor in things and share humor with others, such as with a funny t-shirt. Here are more tips for keeping a healthy sense of humor:


  • Use the math you learned in school to count your blessings. Looking at things optimistically may not come naturally to you. In that case, you may want to keep a journal in which you record the things in your life that you can be thankful for. You will be more ready to laugh and appreciate the humor in things, when you switch to a more positive state of mind.
  • Smile on purpose. Smiling is like planting a seed for laughter. When you smile, your body has a positive physical response. Once you realize all the benefits of smiling, you are likely to make a habit of it.
  • Seek out things that tickle your funny bone, whether a comedy on television, a funny book, or hanging out with a friend who makes you laugh.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh at yourself when you make mistakes or think crazy thoughts. Lighten up with the conversations in your head. If others tease you or laugh at you for something embarrassing or silly, laugh with them.
  • Surround yourself with reminders to be joyful. Find a replica of a toy that made you happy as a child, and keep it in your car or on your desk. Frame photos of fun times you’ve had with friends and loved ones.

Humor Can be As Simple as Wearing a T-Shirt

Find a funny t-shirt and wear it, to share the laughter. You can find lots of funny shirts at, like this one that requires reading the fine print, to catch the punchline.





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