Join This Trend: Life is Hard, but I’m Staying Positive!

The news these days can cause more stress and concern than ever, largely thanks to political division. It's a great time to start a trend toward positivity, to combat all the negatives. Wearing an uplifting t-shirt to raise spirits will also give you a boost throughout the day. Keeping a positive attitude has many benefits. Learn about some of them below, along with some tips on how to stay positive.


Benefits of Positivity

Research has been done extensively on the effects of maintaining a positive attitude. Scientists say that people who look on the bright side of life enjoy a lot of benefits, compared to the types who see the proverbial cup as half empty. You may be ready to get your own inspirational t-shirt, once you learn the following advantages of positivity:

  • You could get a promotion, since people in positive work environments outperform those surrounded by negativity.
  • You could live 10 years longer, like the nuns in a study who routinely expressed their positive emotions.
  • There will be less stress in your life, which is good. Stress is a killer!
  • You can increase your number of friends by being positive. As a result, you will be happier.
  • Coping with life’s difficulties is much easier for those who reject negative thinking.
  • Life will be more energized, since you will have less energy-draining stress.
  • Positivity fuels motivation, which can help you reach your goals more quickly.
  • A positive lifestyle leads to a more fulfilling life.

Tips to be a More Positive Person

It’s all well and good to talk about the benefits of being positive, but what if you aren’t naturally a sunny person? No worries! Many people don’t know this, but each of us has a choice regarding our attitude. We can choose a positive attitude and refuse to be negative. The following are some helpful tips for boosting your level of positivity:

  • When something bad happens, actively look for the positives that could come out of the situation. In addition, search for a good opportunity in the midst of the negative event. It’s okay to be honest about how bad you initially feel when tough things impact your life. Rather than forcing yourself to be fake about it, face realities and then point your attitude in an uplifting direction.
  • If you tend to make too much out of things only to discover later that they weren’t that drastic, remember to avoid blowing things out of proportion. Stop yourself from fretting, take a deep breath, and refocus on a grounded perspective, a more positive outlook, and maintaining a hopeful mindset.
  • Practice being an uplifting force in other people’s lives, starting with one person at a time. This may mean listening carefully to someone who needs to talk, lending a helping hand when someone needs it, and/or smiling at people and being generous with words of encouragement. On top of all that, wear a t-shirt with a positive message.


Start Being More Positive Today!

When you consider all the benefits of keeping a positive outlook, you have to admit it’s a smart thing to do, especially if you’ve been going around feeling bummed or depressed. There’s a lot to enjoy in this life! It all starts with the attitude you decide to have, from one day to the next. Go ahead! Have a happy day thinking positive thoughts, do it again tomorrow, and so on.

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