Keep Cool this Summer With These Trends

Summer is a great time to enjoy the good things in life and just have some fun while staying cool in some serious heat. You may be one of the lucky ones with mild weather, but many in the south face feels-like temperatures of 100+ on a regular basis. Letting the breezes cool your skin is a great way to keep cool. You can also be cool with any of the following potentially shocking trends in tank tops.

A Weed T-Shirt for Pokémon Fans

How would you like to proudly combine a great way to get high with a play on Pokémon? Whether you shared in the phenomenal craze that was Pokémon Go or not, rest assured that millions of people can identify at least one of the many Pokémon characters. With this Smokémon tank top, you will look cool and may be identified as a character yourself.

A Funny Tank Top to Wear at your Local Bar

You can keep cool if you spark childhood memories wherever you go, adding a unique spin on Dr. Seuss’s Thing 1. Along with Thing 2, Thing 1 is frequently seen with the Cat in the Hat causing pandemonium. Wear a Drunk 1 tank top that evokes one of those crazy dudes while drinking beer at the beach or maybe at a ballgame. But be a responsible drinker and try not to cause as much mayhem as the real Thing 1, since that could land you in jail.

A Crazy Movie-Inspired Tank Top

Put a popular movie character together with something you can’t imagine them doing, and the result can be pretty funny. If you love taking a toke, imagine how fun it would be if you were passing your doobie to famous Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear. What a trip! Wear a cool tanktop featuring a toking Buzz headed to infinity and beyond!

A Unicorn Shirt is Always a Good Idea

There’s a whole demographic of varying ages that love unicorns. Included in that demographic are young, hot women. You may shock a few people and get a chuckle out of a lot more if you wear a cool tank top that simply says “Young Drunk Unicorn.” Whatever else happens, you will definitely draw attention.

The Best Way to be Cool in Summer is with a Funny Tank

Of all the things to combine, not much is better than humor plus a tank top, especially when it’s freakin’ hot outside. While the sun is burning your skin, you can be refreshed by the responses to your irreverent references to drinking and toking.

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