Now is a Great Time to Embrace Your Inner Dork

Now is a Great Time to Embrace Your Inner Dork

Now is a Great Time to Embrace Your Inner Dork

For those with the courage to fully embrace their nerdiness and their inner dork, the world now welcomes you! Gone are the days when other members of society forced nerds to walk the proverbial plank. You are free to come out into the light. Of course, most nerd lairs are largely cloaked in darkness, except for the glow of a screen or a study lamp. Still, it’s wonderful to know that venturing into society at large doesn’t always smack you squarely in the face with rejection and ridicule. These are the discoveries made by many nerds and dorks, including self-proclaimed nerd Marianne Cassidy.

Benefits of Being a Dork

Among the definitions of a dork is this one, though not necessarily fully accurate: A person who is perceived as silly and out-of-touch, has a penchant for behaving ridiculously in public, and tends to be odd-looking. Being a dork isn’t easy because it is the equivalent of being an out-and-out social misfit. There are upsides to this social status unlike any other, including the follow:

  • True courage. Beginning at a very young age, most children receive instruction on the importance of “fitting in” or blending in with the masses. Let’s face it. The great majority of the U.S. population finds a way to stay connected through similar appearance, speech, and interest. A dork or nerd defies conformity.
  • Finding friends has never been easier. School hallways may not be the place to find total acceptance, but a dork never needs to be without friends anymore. The worldwide web has opened up the possibilities of building real friendships with fellow nerds. Oftentimes, skills with technology pave the way for unique alliances that are not easily broken.
  • The definition of the new cool is “nerd.” Obsession with a certain movie, television show, or intellectual pursuit is now widely considered to be cool. Now that there are massive conventions around all sorts of nerdy passions, it has become obvious that the school nerd or dork is not alone.
  • Dress-up isn’t just for Halloween anymore. There are entire societies of people who have discovered the freedom to fully embrace their love of characters, for instance. At gatherings across the country, people come together wearing the costumes and make-up of their favorite characters. Identifying with so many like-minded people makes it worth it to go against the flow through most of life.

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