Offensive Trend Tees to Relieve Offensive Heat

There’s something about saying the “F” word that just feels right, especially during times of extreme discomfort, such as under this summer’s scorching sun. My husband has been taking things a step further than letting the f-word fly. He discovered a goldmine of offensive t-shirts that make him chuckle. They actually put him in a better mood. Check out some inappropriate t-shirts that could also help you beat the heat.

Offensive tees to Wear on Miserable Summer Days


Fu©k it!

I had been nagging my husband over the fact that the yard needed mowing. It was totally understandable that he kept hoping for a cool morning. Day after day, he got up early enough to mow in the supposed cool of the day, but such a thing has not existed of late. One day when he got up, he surprised me by wearing this t-shirt that says, “Fu©k it-I’m going back to bed.” It made me laugh and I was convinced to leave the poor guy alone about the mowing issue.


Over-Fu©king-Doing It

Because of the heat, the garage has been ridiculously hot. Not only does my husband avoid mowing, he can’t even go to the garage for his usual escapist activities. Despite trying a couple of fans out there, it’s still just too hot. So, again, he wore an offensive t-shirt that he assured me was directed at the unrelenting summer sun and not me.

A Wee Insult

In the meantime, as all these struggles with the heat have plunged my husband into total frustration, there’s this neighbor. The unlikable man, a childhood rival, throws it in my husband’s face that he has an air-conditioned shop and hires a team of landscapers to tend his yard every week. So, one Saturday morning, my husband seemed a bit more chipper than usual. He put on a new and especially offensive shirt and went directly to the neighbor to have a rare conversation and use man-vibes to say that the shirt was about the gloating neighbor. Apparently, according to my husband, men are obsessed with their penises. He never forgot what our annoying neighbor was teased about in the locker room.

A Crowning Moment

After this amusing series of shirts were revealed by my husband throughout the summer, I could never have imagined what might be next. One morning he presented me with a t-shirt of my own. I opened the wrapped package and found a women’s offensive t-shirt. He proclaimed me Queen of fu©king everything! He wasn’t being snarky, either. He just wanted me to experience the freeing pleasure of being offensive alongside him, to create some mischief and shock value. The plan is very effective. We wear our offensive t-shirts in the mall, the grocery store, and elsewhere. They never fail to amuse some and offend others. We enjoy it and know that a t-shirt could hardly be as offensive as this summer’s temperatures. Somehow, we feel cooler when we lighten up and wear profanity.




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