One Place Pokemon Go Did Not Go to Die

One Place Pokemon Go Did Not Go to Die

Here it is January 2018 and talk of Pokémon Go is so 2016 for most of the world population, but not for me. I am unashamedly a true-blue fan of the phenomenon that rocked the planet a mere two years ago. Rather than explore so-called negatives and explanations of why the video craze has been largely abandoned, I prefer to continue celebrating all that I love about Pokémon Go. Why? Because my heart is one place Pikachu and friends did not GO to die.

5 Reasons Pokemon Go is Awesome

The one thing all the world’s video games typically have in common is that they involve sitting on your butt in solitude inside your home. Many pale gamers are totally fozy. The inactivity of gamers is legendary. That all changed with the launch of Pokémon Go! But that is just one of the things to love about my favorite video game.

  1. It’s very cool the way Pokémon Go combines real world geography with hunting and battling virtual characters. Some of the highlights of my existence involved battling Magicarp and Gyarados and hundreds of other Pokémon under the open sky.
  2. Getting exercise because of a video game was enough to pull me over into a new, healthier way to enjoy my hobbies. Pokémon Go forces you to go outdoors, feel the sunshine, and move more limbs than just your thumbs. I’ve no longer happy to return to my private indoor cave and stay there for too long by myself.
  3. When you play Pokémon Go, you meet people. During the craze, it was amazing. Meeting like-minded people was as easy as chasing the next Pokémon character in an area with heavy foot traffic. I’ve actually made flesh-and-blood friends, as opposed to virtual buddies.
  4. A lot of people, not just fozy gamers, live in areas with great landmarks but never visit them. Playing Pokémon Go encourages you to get out and see the local lay of the land and popular landmarks. There are a lot of interesting places near my home that I never knew about till I played the game.
  5. It may not be the most high tech video game in the world, but Pokémon Go is a load of fun. It beats me why its popularity was like a shooting star – thrilling one second and fizzled out the next.

I’m considering forming a group of other diehard Pokémon Go fans like me. Wanna join me? Gotta catch ‘em all!

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