Outer Space: So Cool and Yet it Mocks Us All

Outer Space: So Cool and Yet it Mocks Us All

Do you remember lying on the grass as a child and staring at the sky? If you were like me, you found that your mind was blown when trying to grasp how vast space is. Even scientists are stymied by space. We can all chase after our pursuits on this little blue ball called Earth, but the infinitesimal qualities of space sort of mock our piddly routines. There is so much more out there that we, as humans, don’t yet know. Becoming familiar with space only makes it more obvious that we probably need a lot more astronauts and rocket ships for them to blast off in. The following are just a few of many mind-blowing things about outer space.

More than 8 Planets plus Dwarf Planet Pluto

Making a science project of the 9 planets has been an activity practiced by countless children. Turns out, however, that more than 1,800 planets have been identified in our Solar System. According to scientists, another 3,000 planets are in the process of being confirmed. We know scientists are persnickety about dubbing celestial objects planets, since Pluto was downgraded to not-a-planet and then proclaimed a dwarf planet in the not-so-distant past.

Earth Time Doesn’t work in Space

The Earth rotates on its axis once in 243 days. Based on this measurement of time. For the planet Venus to complete one orbit around the sun requires 224.7 days on Earth. This is hard to grasp, but, in other words, one day on Venus is longer than a year on Earth.

Space is a Short Drive Away

Space looks so far away, doesn’t it? The reality is that space begins at 100 kilometers above Earth. You could arrive in space in less than one hour, if you were able to aim your vehicle toward the sky and drive vertically.

Freaky Things Happen in Space

Space is a vacuum, and if separate pieces of metal touch, they become bonded. No need for a welder up there! Also, in space, the skin of your feet peel off because the feet aren’t used for walking—no gravity.

Astronauts are really cool because they get to explore the vast last frontier. It puts everyday earthly matters into a new light, when weighed against the vastness of space. And anyone who thinks they have everything figured out need do nothing more than thoughtfully look up, to feel openly mocked.

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