Quick and Easy Last-Minute Comic-Con Ideas

New York Comic-Con is right around the corner! This weekend, you can experience the inside scoop behind your favorite shows and movies, meet your favorite celebrities, and indulge in collectibles.

Last Minute Comic Con Ideas

While you're arms-deep in Funko Pops, you're going to need a great costume to blend in with your nerdy peers.  Take a look at our list featuring easy-to-make costume ideas that you can put together with basics at home!

1. Bobs Burgers
Whether going with the whole family or just strolling through on your own, these costumes are so easily recognizable and a popular crowd favorite. Gran and apron, a t-shirt, and some jeans to be Bob or Linda (don't forget the wigs or mustache, depending on who you want to be.)
Feeling childish? Louise, Tina, or Gene work for costumes as well. For Gene, you just need a yellow t-shirt or you can go a step further and get the infamous burger costume. Louise requires the classic pink bunny ears and a green oversized t-shirt or dress. For Tina, grab a black skirt, blue shirt, and a wig. Simple, yet completely recognizable, these costumes don't cost any effort.

2. Breaking Bad
You might not even think about doing actual drugs, but when it comes to Comic-Con, you're Walter White as far as everyone else is concerned. Your costume will be soluble anywhere you go - all you need is a yellow jumpsuit and a mask - don't forget the gloves, either. 

3. The Walking Dead
There's a reason people have kept this show on TV - because it's so loveable. Whether you want to be Daryl Dixon or a Little Ass Kicker, there's no stopping you when you make the decision to be a Walking Dead character for Comic-Con. 
Grab an old pair of clothes, get them dirty with (fake) blood and mud and grab your zombie (fake) weapon. You'll be ready to join the fight in no time at all!

4. Posion Ivy
Do you want something cute but not too crazy? This is the comic con costume for you. Make some fake ivy leaves and put them on some type of wire or line. Then, grab yourself a red wig. Combine this with a green outfit for a look that's lethal. Every comic book fan won't have to second guess your costume which will give Uma Thurman's version a run for her money.

5. Deadpool
This fast-talking regenerating superhero is more than what meets the eye. If you have an appreciation for this fun anti-hero, go as Wade Wilson.
Start with a mask, then personalize it from there. Amazon offers a jacker or hoodie version of Wade's infamous red and black costume. Add on the pants to create the suit. 
Then, get your gear on. His sword backpack, tool belt, holster, and boots complete the look. Though many pieces, a lot can be done by yourself. Go to Amazon or your local costume shop for ideas to put together a look you'll love. 

6. The Flash
Since he only has a mask and a jumpsuit, this is an easy one. You can even get blank garments and put on the logo and details yourself! Whether you go to the store and do the DIY, don't forget to add some cool footwear so you can zoom around in style.

7. The Avengers
From Iron Man to Thor, Loki to Bucky, Hulk to Black Widow, you can join the team and assemble. A lot of these costumes don't have to be as in-depth as some of your comic con-goers, so those on a budget don't have to fret. 
As long as you get your pieces together, you'll be ready to save the world. 

Captain America requires a mask, jacket, trousers, and boots - as well as the classic shield. With Black Widow, you can get an orange wig, jacket, tights, and boots. For Hulk, a green suit, mask, and gloves are encouraged. Crafty people can make their own or grab it from the local costume shop. 

8. Spider-Man
You can't swing from webs, but you can be Spiderman! This costume is easy to create if you're artsy and can find felt but is even easier to find in the costume or Halloween store due to its popularity. With a jumpsuit, mask, and boot tops, you'll be ready to save the day in no time at all.

9. Game of Thrones
If you think these costumes are too expensive, you know nothing, Jon Snow. A lot of these costumes require basic pieces you can put together to win the game of thrones. 
From Hodor to Arya Stark, the dark neutral colors are easy to find to create the perfect look that will have you feeling like you're the master of the iron throne. 

10. Ninja Turtles
This is a great group costume that can be made with plain shirts, felt, and your creativity. Pick your favorite one or make it a group costume, then get to the craft store. 
Grab your felt mask, add a shell, some jeans, and matching shoes - that's it! That's the costume! It's easy, as one, two, three - did someone just say pizza?

11. The Joker
Let's put a smile on that face! Grab a purple suit with a green waistcoat and tie. Add in a brown tie for a little "pop" of color. Add some green hair dye and the Joker's wild clown makeup, and you're pretty much there. Don't forget to use fake teeth is yours are too perfect!

12. Star Wars
From Luke to Leia, these costumes are easily accessible and even if you're looking to be a droid, your look is sure to be out of this world.

13. Westworld
Just like Game of Thrones, these costumes have western basics you can find at your local department store.

14. Riverdale
From River Vixen to Archie Andrews, the costumes in this show is iconic. Your local Halloween store or Hot Topic will carry your basics and you can feel the dramatic tension of this teen drama. 

15. Jessica Jones
She's cool, she's fierce - she's you. Grab your leather jacket, a wig, and some jeans to turn into crime-fighting anti-hero Jessica Jones. 

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