School Supplies Must Haves For All Ages

School Supplies Must Haves For All Ages

For some in the United States, it's almost time to go back to school. For others, the dog days of summer are the last of the season. No matter how far you are from the final countdown, check out Brisco Brands' picks for must-have school supplies this school year.

school supplies must haves for all ages

1. Backpack
This one might be obvious, but if it wasn't, a backpack or tote bag is a must-have for back to school. Get your kid a new one to be on trend this school year. The little ones will gravitate towards their favorite characters while the older ones can choose ones that are fashionable and functional.

2. Sticky Notes
With so much going on during the school year, who has time to re-read the unimportant parts of the textbook? Using sticky notes to highlight the best parts of their textbooks and assignments will ensure that the excess is taken out of their valuable study time.

3. White Out
Everybody makes mistakes and that's okay! From the old fashioned paint to the new tape, white-out is the perfect option for those who are accident-prone or everyone who's learning a new lesson.

4. Tissues
Whether laughing, crying, cleaning up a mess, or sneezing, tissues are the way to go. Who knows what other kids are sick or when someone else may need a tissue. On-The-Go or a box of tissues will come in handy this school year - believe me.

5. Pencil Box or Holder
No matter what age, they'll need a way to keep their pens, pencils, highlighters, and the like all in one place. A funky pencil box or a pencil case (trendier with the older crowd) will ensure that everything is organized.

6. Crayons, Colored Pencils, Markers, etc.
No matter how old, crayons, colored pencils, or markers are sometimes necessary. From colorful lab reports in high school to arts and crafts in elementary school, add a little color in your life with some Crayola or Cra-Z-Art supplies!

7. Lunchbox
They will love to tote around their favorite character if they're new to the school game. Everyone looks forward to lunchtime, so make it fun. From the classic brown paper bag to a fashion-forward lunch pouch, they can make a large statement or fly under the radar with a good lunchbox.

8. Ballpoint Pens
Feeling permanent? The older ones especially will love colorful or monochromatic ballpoint pens, which is perfect for test-taking, craft making, and more.

9. Index Cards
Studying is going to take up a huge part of their days this school year so you might as well make it fun. Choose colorful index cards and add that to your school shopping list to create a fun way to enjoy some of the hardest lessons they come across.

10. Notebooks
It's required for everyone! From those learning to write or those writing essays, some paper is going to be necessary. Start out with double spaced notebooks or go straight to college ruled - but be sure that if there's anything you need to stock up on, it's this.Β 
Tip: Either buy the 100-sheet one subject notebooks in bulk or buy a larger notebook. There is usually 180 days out of the school year, so this will avoid repeat trips to the store.

11. Folders
The organization is everything when it comes to back to school supplies. Getting colorful folders will help your students get everything in order. By getting one in each color of the rainbow, you can match your notebooks to your folders. Finding supplies will be a breeze!

12. Calculators
The older ones are going to need this! When math becomes more than just learning how to count, this will come in handy. There are tons of models, so browseΒ through the different models to see which one is the best option for your child.Β 

13. Planner
Even as an adult, a planner is good to have! With tons of planners for your children to choose from, they can keep their life in order from assignments to events. There's weekly ones, dated ones, and even ones supplied by the school. Check to see if yours does before buying.

14. Stapler
Keep this out of reach of the little ones. This will come in handy for those who are typing essays and grabbing research off the computer for school. Some schools may not allow, so check your local school supplies list!

15. Healthy Snacks
While some might not let your children snack in class (check beforehand if you're going to give them snacks) you can at least provide them with some healthy contraband.Β 

16. Sneakers
A good pair of sneakers is the last thing you need to give them before they head on their merry way. Walking to the bus, walking home, and walking to class can happen in style with the proper footwear!

17. Highlighters
Kick their study party into high gear with some highlighters (get it?) Keeping track of the important stuff they read on paper will jump out during their study time with brightly colored highlighters. Pair with brightly colored post-its for a kick-butt study superhero combination.

18. Ruler
From geometry to science class, a ruler is always good to have on hand. Keep a 12-inch ruler in their pencil case at all times and make sure they're prepared for any lesson that comes their way.


What is your back to school must-have? Comment below!

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