Signs you Made it on Santa’s Nice List

Signs you Made it on Santa’s Nice List

Receiving gifts is the best part of Christmas for most people. It’s depressing to think of not receiving anything from Santa because you’re on the naughty list. If you want that jolly old elf to pay a friendly visit to your home this Christmas, you don’t have to be perfect. Just generally do what’s right. That’s basically all it takes. The following are signs that your name is probably in the “nice” column plus tips to make up for lost time.


Signs You Probably Made Santa’s Nice List

Santa is all about good behavior. As an adult, there are many things you could do to stand out and become a mainstay on Santa’s nice list. If you do any of the following things, there’s a decent chance Santa’s sack will probably have something in it just for you.


You Avoid Spilling Spoilers

No matter how much you loved it or might think it’s funny to ruin the ending for a friend who missed the season finale of their favorite television show, you refuse to let a spoiler leak out. Santa definitely likes that.


You’re Thoughtful

If you resist grabbing the last flakey, hot roll at dinnertime or if you give the bigger half of anything you’re splitting to the other person, you are thoughtful. Another example is leaving room for people to enter in front of you in your lane of traffic. It may be a surprise to you, but for some folks, acts such as these are simply too much of a sacrifice.


You Cut People a Break

If someone does something just plain stupid or downright questionable, refuse to judge them. After all, which of us is perfect? Give people the benefit of the doubt.


A Few Last-Minute Deeds to get off the Naughty List

If you feel sure you were more naughty than nice during the past year, perhaps you could get back on Santa’s good side. The following are some last-minute deeds you could do and possibly get something better than coal for Christmas.

  •  Write a thoughtful letter to a grandparent, great-aunt, or great uncle and mail it through the U.S. Post Office. They’ll love that you sent them a message old-school style.
  • Call an old friend you haven’t spoken to for a while but you’ve learned could use some cheering up.
  • Drop some cash into a Salvation Army red bucket.
  • Treat a friend, relative, or coworker to a meal or anonymously pay for strangers’ meals at a restaurant.
  • Go through your closet and donate some great clothes you haven’t worn in a long time.
  • When you get stuck in a long, slow line at a coffee shop or grocery store, keep a friendly, cheerful attitude.
  • Leave a very generous tip for a waiter or waitress who does a great job or appears to be having an awful day.
  • Give money or gifts to a family you learn can’t afford to pay for Christmas presents for their children.
  • Don’t gossip. Instead, if others gossip about anyone you know, speak in their defense.


Have a very Merry Christmas!








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