How to Keep your New Year’s Resolutions

How to Keep your New Year’s Resolutions

New beginnings are always exciting. When it comes to facing a new year, the possibilities alone inspire millions of people to make New Year’s resolutions. Statistics show, however, that a very small percentage of people actually keep those commitments. Obviously, it’s a lot easier to make a resolution than it is to keep one.

The people who know about the importance of such things as forming new habits and kicking others have agreed that resolutions are good because, if nothing else, they keep us moving in the right direction. These experts also know that the success rate for keeping New Year’s resolutions doesn’t have to be so low. The following steps can help you keep your resolutions this year.

7 Steps to Kept New Year’s Resolutions

1st-Go for it!

There’s something compelling about an ambitious, heart-felt resolution. If you set your sights high and share your New Year’s resolution with those around you, you’ve taken a first step in being successful. Telling others makes you accountable, and reaching for your dreams will make the difficult parts worth the journey.

2nd-But look before you leap.

Energy and heart are required, to meet big goals involving tough habits such as weight loss or smoking. Check your pros and cons sheet before deciding on this type of New Year’s resolution. You need to be in a place where you’re truly ready to make a change—otherwise, lasting success is unlikely.

3rd-Remember how to eat an elephant—one bite at a time.

Getting to your lofty goal involves many, many small steps. Every time you reach one part of your goal, it’s like wind in a ship’s sails. Break your overall goal into small, doable actions, so that you can make encouraging headway.

4th-Commit yourself to success.

One of the best ways for a resolution to become a force is to make a commitment to it that’s so real, you are confident about sharing it with others. Make yourself accountable to a friend or family member—maybe even with groups on Twitter or Facebook.

5th-Celebrate along the way.

Find ways to celebrate steps of continued progress as you reach for your goal. Certainly, don’t wait until the finish line to congratulate yourself. There are many different kinds of apps you could use that will cheer you on, as well--Happify is a good one.

6th-Regroup, as needed.

Instead of giving up on your commitment, if you are falling behind, re-evaluate. Think about past successes and what helped you get there. As needed, scale down the steps involved. For instance, if your exercise goal is more time-consuming than you can manage, change your routine to one that works.

7th-Claim your prize.

Don’t think you have to exactly achieve your specific daily goals to be a success. It could be that the new habits you develop look different than what you envisioned. Be thankful for your progress. Dig in your heels and don’t go backwards.

What's Your New Year's Resolution?

Go ahead and make those New Year’s resolutions! With these practical steps, you can be one of the individuals fortunate enough to reach your goals. You can do it!

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