Surprising Benefits of Playing Beer Pong

Surprising Benefits of Playing Beer Pong

Fall is in the air, that time when beer is the obvious beverage of choice for many college students and football fans everywhere. But when you can play beer pong, forget about watching sports. This is your chance to dazzle with your skills, especially the knack for maintaining your stellar aim while under the influence. Regardless of your level of enthusiasm for Beer Pong, the truth is you can learn some valuable lessons from the game.

What is Beer Pong?

In Beer Pong, two teams take turns throwing ping pong balls into the cups of the opposing team. Starting out, the cups are arranged in a triangle formation. Whenever a ball lands in a cup, the team on defense must remove the cup and drink the beer in it. The winner is the team that eliminates all of the opponents’ cups.

The teams can decide the brand of beer and the amount of beer in each cup.

There can always be house rules, but the following are some basic rules of ping pong:

  • A ping pong throw doesn’t count if the elbows of the person throwing move past the edge of the table.
  • Twice per game, each team can request re-formation of the opponents’ cups.

Beer Pong Lesson 1

Fun is at the heart of beer pong, and it’s the camaraderie that makes it a big hit. The laughter and jokes mean more than skills. If you find a team member to share the excitement with, it can be a valuable alliance. Not only can it lead to Beer Pong championships, but it can also result in a friendship that lasts a lifetime.

According to a nurse who treats the terminally ill, the top five regrets people tend to have involve mistakes in relationships, failing to keep in touch with friends, and failing to simply choose happiness throughout life.

In other words, accolades in life pale in comparison to relationships, to those who are literally on their deathbeds. So, in beer pong as in life, it’s about the people.

Beer Pong Lesson 2

Continual reaching for the prize is required. Those who win at beer pong are those who keep up with practice. It’s important to apply the necessary effort to succeed. For Beer Pong, it means you have to practice and hone your skill, especially if you are competing in championships. In life, it may mean learning an all new skill set in order to land a better job.

Beer Pong Lesson 3

It takes skill plus belief in yourself to be a winner in Beer Pong and life. Instead of quitting when you don’t get a desired outcome, it’s important to keep trying. When Thomas A. Edison invented the first working lightbulb, he said he hadn’t failed repeatedly but had found 1,000 ways proven not to work. (Disclaimer: Actually, the number of tries is anywhere between 1,000 and 10,000, depending on your online resource.)

You may be all about beer pong for the drinking. In fact, you may prefer being on the losing team. In your case, the Beer Pong Lesson is to beware of excessive drinking and don’t drink and drive. It could turn out that Beer Pong teaches us all we need to know for all the seasons of life.

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