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The dynamics of society have changed dramatically in the last decade or two. Between the growing influence of political correctness and the impact of the Internet on our daily lives, what the world needs most is for us to be our authentic selves. Each of us is a one-of-a-kind, and we only make our best mark on the world when we place our unique stamp on it. The following are a few of the great reasons to be yourself, in the midst of everything.
It’s incredibly easy to get stuck in daily and weekly ruts, and New Year’s resolutions can help break out of poor habits. If you haven’t given much thought to your 2019 resolutions, the following are some ideas for you. Any of these could make it your best year in a long time.

New beginnings are always exciting. When it comes to facing a new year, the possibilities alone inspire millions of people to make New Year’s resolutions. Statistics show, however, that a very small percentage of people actually keep those commitments. Obviously, it’s a lot easier to make a resolution than it is to keep one.The following steps can help you keep your resolutions this year.

It’s nice that we live in an age when those who are different are more likely than ever to be embraced. The fact is that nerds are different from the rest of us, including geeks, in very appealing ways. Check out these 6 ways nerds are lovable.

Isn’t it nice to know that it may be to your advantage if you don’t do shit today? Check out these 7 benefits of being lazy.
If you have only seen the original set of Star Wars movies from decades ago, there are things you may not know about Darth Vader. Subsequent movies have answered such questions as: Is Darth Vader’s cape hiding something?