The Best TV Aunts And Uncles

The Best TV Aunts And Uncles

July 26th was National Aunts and Uncles day but that doesn't mean you can't show your love for your family every day! Take a page from our book and thank your aunt or uncle today with our list of the Top TV Aunt and Uncles!

Best TV Aunts And Uncles

They're second dads, give us our first beer, or maybe make us laugh. No matter what they do, you can show your uncle's love in style. Here are our top TV and Movie uncles:

1. Uncle Jesse - Full House
When you think of a TV uncle, there is no one cooler than Uncle Jesse. He played in a band, hosted a radio show, and always taught the Tanner family lessons they'll take through them in life. The coolest uncle we wish we had!

2. Uncle Fester - The Addams Family
He's creepy and kooky and altogether spooky - Uncle Fester is everyone's favorite uncle because of the crew he comes with. There is nothing like the kooky

3. Uncle Phil - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Fun fact: Will Smith is older now than the actor who played Uncle Phil when the show began years ago! Feel old yet? Regardless, Uncle Phil was one of the many great characters on this show. Not only was he a welcoming uncle, but he treated Will like a son. His generosity will always touch our hearts!

4. Uncle Ben - Spider-Man
Let's take a minute to go into the big screen with this character. Uncle Ben always had sound advice and was super smart. Who could ask for a better uncle? He earned his spot on our list (just watch The Amazing Spider-Man for reference.)

5. Uncle Leo - Seinfeld
Those brows, though. Who could forget Uncle Leo from the 90's sitcom Seinfeld? Offering jokes and advice, Uncle Leo could easily brighten up any Seinfeld episode.

6. Uncle Rico - Napoleon Dynamite
Uncle Rico had a ton of personality and a ton of advice to give to Napoleon and his brother Kip. How selfless was he when he came in to care for them after their grandmother couldn't?


1. Aunt Becky - Full House
While Uncle Jesse was a third father to the Tanner girls, Aunt Becky was the mother figure for DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle. She always had great feminine advice to give - and she even moved out of her own apartment to live with the rest of the family.

2. Aunt Viv - The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air
Just like Uncle Phil, Aunt Viv took in Will when nobody else would. She also treated him as more than a nephew. She gave him great advice and always taught him he should treat a woman right.

3. Aunt Hilda & Aunt Zelda - Sabrina The Teenage Witch
There were no hipper aunts than Sabrinas. They were cool AND they knew spells. They guided Sabrina through her powers as she grew into a witch and taught her life lessons as well.

4. Auntie Em - The Wizard Of Oz
Sure, she didn't realize Dorothy went into a really intense dream sequence, but she did take care of her when she woke up. And who could forget Dorothy shouting for her during the twister?

Whether it's your very own aunt or uncle to one on this big screen, you can show your appreciation for the family in style. Check out our styles for aunts and uncles and spend the day with your fam.

Who is your favorite TV aunt or uncle? Comment below!

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