The Continued Popularity of Minecraft Explained

The Continued Popularity of Minecraft Explained

Some trends are short-lived and others, like Minecraft, go on and on. If you’ve never gotten hooked on the video game, you’ve probably wondered how such backwards-looking graphics could be associated with such a popular game. That’s a reasonable question, when you see how incredibly realistic many exciting video games are today. Nevertheless, Minecraft is totally binge-worthy for millions of people around the world. The ongoing trendiness of Minecraft is at least partially explained below.

It’s Like Playing with Toys

There has always been a limitation for countless children building with Lego blocks. They are so expensive, it’s difficult to collect enough to create ambitious worlds. Minecraft is pretty much just like playing with Legos except with limitless materials. The world is made up of blocks. The most basic unit is a dirt block, and you can “craft” all sorts of things. You mine for wood by punching on a tree, for example.


The different levels have various parameters, but the following are constants:

  • There is a day cycle and a night cycle.
  • All levels contain the same materials, including trees, dirt, and water.
  • Enemies suddenly appear and attack you at night.
  • You can’t dig all the way to China, so to speak. You will always hit bedrock after digging to a certain depth below the world’s surface.
  • There are always new things to discover on the world that spawns. You may come across mountains, underground caves, or wacky jungles.

Suspense Mode or Creation Mode

In Minecraft’s “Survival” mode, Creepers will come after you. Creepers are green monsters that will explode and take out your creation and your life, if you don’t defeat them first. As you play, you discover rare resources, including diamonds. Besides Creepers, you also find yourself fighting to survive attacks from mobs of zombies, spiders, and other threats.

If you are ever in the mood for endless creation, you can switch to “Creation” mode, where there is no night and no enemies attack you.

Don’t Be a Hater

You may be a scoffer, but Minecraft is a case of don’t-knock-it-till-you’ve-tried it. This game is relaxing and brings joy because it is pure delight. Try creating your own world one clunky block at a time and then weigh in on the subject. In the meantime, if you see someone wearing a Minecraft t-shirt, don’t assume they’re an actual blockhead.

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