The History Of No Shave November

The History Of No Shave November

Ever wonder why men decide not to shave in November? While some call it a fashion statement, others consider it for a rather charitable cause. Check out Brisco's history of No Shave November!

No Shave November

Just like an antler is a staple of a deer, your beard is a staple of your trademark look. Being rugged and handsome is a lifestyle you pride yourself on living. Why not let your hair roam free - for charity?

Be a participant of No-Shave November and give back while looking awesome.

In 2009, No Shave was started as a way to raise money for cancer, particularly prostate cancer. The theory behind this was that the money men spent on grooming could potentially be put towards raising money for cancer. And, by letting the hair roam free, they could make a statement for those who lose their cancer during treatment.

In 2013, the program joined forces with the American Cancer Society and since then, No-Shave November has been a hit. Men around the country have taken to not grooming from Nov 1st to Nov 30th and let it flow!

Not on the No-Shave train yet? Get on now and head to for more information on how to get involved!

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