The Sinister Sugar-Holiday Connection

Name a holiday that doesn’t have sugary foods strongly associated with it, if you can. Okay, maybe New Year’s but that’s because the main focus for the masses is to get healthier in their new beginning. It’s straight downhill from there. Valentine’s Day is advertised almost instantly, with chocolates galore. Sugar at Easter, apple pie on the 4th of July, and skip to Halloween which is all about children begging for the candies. And here we are again at Christmastime, which is loaded down with candy canes, homemade cookies with buttercream icing on top, and stockings filled with favorite chocolate treats. Is a connection between holidays and sugar a coincidence? Maybe it’s a conspiracy to poison us all or at least wreck our health!

Sugar is…

Start a search on Google with “sugar is,” and you’ll see that the thought is finished with such things as:

  • Poison
  • An Addiction
  • Toxic
  • Bad for us
  • Killing us
  • A drug (more powerful than heroin)

The evidence is out there. Sugar is, like, the worst thing for our bodies. And yet it’s an acceptable vice. Doing other drugs is shameful and destructive. In a way, a sugar addiction involves shaming, since it’s normal to grow into obesity with too much of it. Believe me, I’ve experienced the difference between being a slim person and being obese. Society definitely makes it difficult to enjoy being too overweight; this is a good thing, actually, since obesity also kills.

Still, the truth is that sugar is known to be just the worst thing for our bodies and in some ways our minds. Yet the commercialism associated with it freely tempts us to indulge, indulge, indulge.

Expose the Conspiracy!

There has been a lot of unrest in our nation of late. Perhaps what we should really be protesting is the sacrifice of healthy eating on the altar of commercialism and the sugar profiteers. We should start right after the holidays because hello, Christmas stockings!

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