Tips For Productivity In School

School is in full swing for those who attend it in America. It can be easy to fall into a routine of procrastination. By using this list, you can ensure that you can make the grade with our tips for productivity for those from preschool to college.

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 - Check the classroom environment
Are there plants? How about a colorful environment? Does it smell like erasers? Surprisingly, this actually helps productivity. Studies show that those who immerse themselves by nature in an environment that is driven for success helps them work better. So get a plant at your working desk and sharpen those pencils - you won't regret it!

- Write a to-do list - and actually follow it
To-do lists may seem like a waste of time, but they're worth it. Those who actually write down their priorities for the day, their homework assignments for the night or even their groceries benefit from crossing off their to-dos. So take five minutes, make the list, and get to work, Einstein!

- Eat a good breakfast (and eat healthy all the time)
Brain food is good food. No matter what you choose, make smart choices. Give yourself the energy to get through your course load of homework or papers through proper nutrition. Salmon, dark chocolate, berries, nuts, grains, coffee, avocado, peanuts, eggs, broccoli, or kale are all perfect options to fuel your brain.

- Track your time
Time management is key to a successful life. At some point, sit down and track how long it takes to do each task. How many hours does it take to study? What about those math problems that you just can't seem to get? Take note of how much everything takes you and then plan your newly structured to-do list around that. Then, you can plan everything else accordingly.

- Take breaks
The little ones have recess, but the rest of us are not so lucky. Take a lot of breaks - it will help with your homework or studying marathon. Be sure to stand up, stretch, do a few push-ups. Taking breaks often has improved productivity - that's why the US Department of Labor recommends adults to have a 15-minute break after 4-6 hours and 30 minutes after 8 hours.

- Set deadlines
Holding yourself accountable is important in life for all areas. If your homework assignments are already due and have a deadline, set other deadlines for other areas to make sure you work in a timely manner. Procrastination only hurts you in the end - even when its more fun to push things off until last minute.

- Sleep - a lot
When you hit the hay be smart about it. Get 6-8 hours of sleep, don't look at your phone or watch TV right before you go to sleep, let your brain wind down. A good night's sleep with the best surroundings provides your brain time to unwind and relax - and hopefully give you some good dreams, too!

- Break down your tasks
Have a giant test? Break down your study session by chapter. Have a paper due? Write it by page. If you have a large task, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Taking a project, test, or assignment and breaking it down into parts will allow you to breathe easily and spend more time doing each part thoughtfully and wholeheartedly.

- Know your limits - don't overload yourself
The biggest challenge for kids in school is the sense of doing too much. From sports, clubs, religious organizations, family stuff, and school, kids experience more stress than adults at some points. Don't forget that school is the first priority but always do stuff that makes you happy, too! Don't try to balance everything if it doesn't feel right - and put yourself first.

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