Tips to Celebrate National Rescue Dog Day

Tips to Celebrate National Rescue Dog Day

If you’re a dog lover, National Rescue Dog Day may be something you want to participate in. Rescuing dogs rather than buying them from breeders is now widely recognized as a basic humane act. For those who don’t yet know or care about the trend, Tails That Teach, Inc. founded National Rescue Dog Day. The special day, May 20 annually, is meant to raise awareness about the countless shelter dogs in need of homes.


Children Learn about Responsibility and Compassion

National Rescue Dog Day has another purpose, and it is to promote education for young children regarding spaying and neutering. A dog named Cooper was a big part of the inspiration behind the day, and he is the main character in a series of books. The children’s book series instructs kids on how to be gentle and kind to pets, which promotes growing into responsible, compassionate pet owners.


Did You Know?

To encourage adoption of shelter dogs, Tails That Teach provides the following information about rescue dogs:

  • Many times, rescue dogs have overcome incredible obstacles.
  • As family pets, they provide friendship, comfort, and security.
  • They can be trained to assist with the independence of individuals with disabilities. They can become their owner’s ears, legs, or eyes.
  • Rescue dogs provide comfort and companionship to the elderly.
  • People of all ages who have autism receive various therapeutic benefits from rescue dogs.
  • The canines provide emotional support, relieving depression, anxiety, and PTSD.
  • Children can learn about kindness and caring from rescue dogs.
  • The dogs can be trained to help with search and rescue missions.
  • Every year, about 3.3 millions dogs enter shelters, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).


How to Observe National Rescue Dog Day

There are many ways you can become involved in the lives of rescue dogs.



Animal shelters are always in need of donations, but there are things you can do besides give money. Items that are frequently needed at dog shelters include dog treats, leashes, toys, and blankets.



There are many ways volunteers can help at your local animal shelter. You may be able to contribute by takings dogs for walks; providing affection, to improve socialization; and grooming.



The number one reason shelters are needed is because of overpopulation. Be responsible and spay or neuter your pets.



Many dogs need more than a shelter environment can provide. When you foster dogs, you can help them to:

  • Thrive
  • Learn to improve their socialization skills
  • Receive needed medical care
  • Rehabilitate before adoption can occur


Adoption of a dog should always be taken seriously. It’s important to remember that adoption should always be for life, if at all possible. The dog you adopt should be a good fit for your home and family. Here are some tips for adopting a rescue dog:

  • Don’t rush your decision. Think about whether your lifestyle fits with the needs of a dog. Dogs are meant to be part of a family.
  • Be sure you have the funds to take proper care of your dog.
  • Consider how much grooming is required for the breed of dog you adopt and whether you can keep up with what’s needed.
  • Dogs need exercise. Only get a dog you can provide adequate exercise for—some need a lot and some do fine with little.
  • Start training your dog without delay.
  • Prevent ticks, fleas, and worms.
  • Never chain a dog outside or leave a dog in a hot car.
  • Provide your dog with lots of love and affection.

Happy National Rescue Dog Day!

Will you participate in National Rescue Dog Day? It’s a great thing to do and will probably make you as happy as it makes the dogs you help. Even spreading the words about rescue dogs is a good deed. Happy National Rescue Dog Day!





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