6 Tips to Get Moving and Move on from Game of Thrones

6 Tips to Get Moving and Move on from Game of Thrones

Many of us in the U. S. of America sit on our rear ends too much. We work on computers and enjoy binge-watching favorite shows. For the segment of the population that was entranced by Game of Thrones, you may actually be at a loss as to how to move on from the series’ end and the disappointing last episode. Switching to a more active lifestyle may be your answer. Life at its best, after all, demands movement, activity, and exposure to outdoor elements. According to researchers, the amount of sitting millions of people do each day is as unhealthy as being a smoker. The following are six ways to forget the drama, make some positive changes, and get moving.

1-Move During Commercials

Limit your time in front of the TV. When you do watch television, be as active as possible during commercials. Fold laundry, stretch, run in place, clean the clutter in the room, and dust. If you’re watching something with no breaks for advertising, pause the show as though there are commercials and have everyone get up and be active for five minutes before you continue watching the show.

2-Park Far

Instead of roaming parking lots to find the nearest parking spot, make it a habit to intentionally park a distance away. When you park far away, you have no choice but to get some exercise, and you’ll feel better for doing it regularly.

3-Do Household Chores

A great way to get moving that will reap many rewards for you is to get in the habit of daily clean-up, particularly after meals. Don’t immediately switch to spectator mode on the couch. Instead, do the dishes, clean the countertops, sweep, take out the garbage, and vacuum. It’s a human reality that we thrive better in clean environments and, of course, when we get exercise. If you eat out a lot, get into the habit of taking a walk after meals.

4-Get a Fitness Tracker

If you get a simple pedometer, you can track your daily steps. Any type of fitness tracker will do. People find that a pedometer encourages them to meet daily goals for minimum steps, and it helps to expose and combat a sedentary lifestyle. If you get a more sophisticated tracker, you can keep track of calories consumed and those you work off on exercise equipment plus much more. Some smartphone apps operate as pedometers.

5-Stand at your Desk

People everywhere are battling the dangers of sitting too much by getting an adjustable workstation that can be utilized at various heights. Standing up from time to time instead of sitting eight hours a day can help to reduce back pain and improve posture. Sitting down for too much of your life can have multiple negative health effects. An immediate effect is that it can interfere with the ability to concentrate. Movement pumps more blood into the brain and improves cognitive function.

6-Discover Pokemon Go

Adults can enjoy being a child again by participating in Pokemon Go. It’s an app that leads you to explore your neighborhood and places wherever you happen to be for the purpose of catching Pokemon in the real world. Always take safety measures, the best of which is to find a Pokemon partner so that you never go it alone.

Live Your Life!

Why simply watch dramas when you could live out your own? This is your one and only life and it’s best to live it to the fullest. It’s tough to do that while you’re sitting, even if you have a very comfortable recliner. Get out there and tame your own dragons, so to speak.

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