Translation: How You Doin’?

Translation: How You Doin’?

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Wear a Como Estas Bitches Tank Top when you want to impress the ladies with a little sass and humor. Funny t-shirts like this are classics. It adds spice to any day to wear a spirited shirt that inspires smiles and a wide range of other responses. This is just one awesome way to be you. In a world that wants to put everyone into a single boring, politically correct mold.

Go for the bold!

Great classic tees like this Como Etas Bitches Tank Top provide a way to conveniently express yourself on a shirt. It’s always powerful when communication can be achieved without breaking silence. Even funny tees have a Zen quality. When you find and wear just the right one, you’re showing the world a very real part of yourself. At a time when politeness means holding your real opinion inside, there’s something dang healthy about foregoing silly niceties that block real communication.

When you go bold, you forego feelings of fear. The masses have a struggle with the idea of being judged, rejected, or disliked. Forget all that and be your true self. This is courageous, and it’s fun when you do it with a t-shirt.

Find your passion!

The whole beauty behind the t-shirt industry is that it finds success when the shirts cleverly express the human experience in ways that make us smile. Just like it’s tough to be a comedian, it’s not always easy to find a t-shirt with a message that hits home.

Really, you don’t have to go through a lot of effort trying to find your passion. Your passion will find you when you scroll through a website like The shirts that speak to you pretty much sum up what your passion is. What would you love to tell the world? Whatever the message is, you can be confident that you will find it in some form on a t-shirt – possibly even a funny t-shirt, which is like hitting the jackpot.

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Is a Como Estas Bitches Tank Top for you? All it means is “How are you…?” Now, isn’t that nice?

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