Trendy Shirts to Wear on Vacation

Vacation time is perfect for wearing comfortable shirts, and funny t-shirts are even better. Whether you’re traveling with someone or you are unattached, it’s usually always nice to meet new people. A shirt you wear can totally help to break the ice.

Perfect Vacation T-Shirts

Cell Phone Charge Connection

If you’ve been to an airport terminal lately, you may have noticed people are usually crowded around plugs and charging stations. If you are looking to make a connection with someone needing rescue, you could wear an “I’ve Got What You Need” shirt that suggests you’ve got the charger needed to power up an iPhone. Better have one with you or wearing the shirt will be like telling a joke with no punchline.

Communicate your Youthfulness

Proud of every gray hair you’ve earned? If so, there’s a Trend Tee shirt that may be perfect for you. Wearing “I Don’t Get Older/ I Level Up” t-shirt says that you are hip, savvy, and youthful. You also have a sense of humor, which could help to attract pleasant conversation.

Make your Case

We live in a contentious world these days. You suggest to the world you are chilling and not hyped up about one political issue or another wearing a “Lover, Not a Fighter” shirt. On the other hand, it could be perceived as a statement against firearms. Be ready to state your case, in the event you are questioned about the latter.

Cats and Star Wars

Love cats and Star Wars? If you do, a “Meow the Force Be With You” shirt may be just what you need for your vacation. You’re on “meow time” now, and office attire be damned. Wear what makes you feel completely yourself, which may very well be a Jedi kitty.

Text Here Often?

If you’d like to express a handy pickup line without having to say a word, wear a “Text Here Often?” shirt. Being on vacation, everything should be easier, including making cozy connections. A funny, trendy shirt communicates that you might be pretty cool person to hang with.

Be Trendy on Vacation!

Wherever you are headed—such as to the beach, on a cruise, on a road trip to a city with a great night life, or going camping--your vacation is likely perfect for funny t-shirts. It will help you remember it’s time to lighten up. The funny tees could also encourage others enjoy their break, too, as you meet other vacationers. Which funny tee is perfect for you?

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