What's so Great About Hump Day?

The best thing about Hump Day is obviously Mike, the camel, in the commercial about what, I can’t remember. But besides that, Wednesdays represent going up the tough climb of a single work week. Getting up early in the morning, fighting traffic, and working hard to earn a living isn’t easy. All the while, putting up with bad bosses, fighting the urge to take a nap after lunch, and workig in spite of numerous physical ailments. It’s great but is it easy? No. After Hump Day, it’s an almost pleasant coast through Thursday and Friday to the weekend! Hump Day totally works as a metaphor for getting past the hardest part of a difficult undertaking. Below are some tips to help with that.


Changing your Diet

There’s a built-in Hump Day scenario in changing your diet for purposes of weight loss. Our bodies crave what we tell them to crave, though there are some exceptions, such as imbalances. For the majority of us, our brains cooperate with consistent change. Instead of craving our habitual after-dinner dessert, for example, we can eat right and start craving an afternoon apple. Science backs this up.

Keep in mind that getting to the point where the cravings shift is the going up the hill part of the deal. After getting over the hump, what’s required is the discipline to continue the good thing you’ve got going.


Sticking with Exercise

Hump Day works on exercise, too. Maybe someone forgot to tell you, but regular exercise is needed for a healthy body. I actually grew up with no clue about the concept. For me to exercise regularly will take getting to the hump where all that’s left is the discipline to do what I’ve trained my body to crave—going to the gym. Never got over that hump yet, but I live in hope of the future.


Tips for Doing Hard Things

Hump Day is really all about being mature enough and disciplined enough to stick with doing the right thing. Once you get over the hump, it’s more like coasting than climbing. Here are a few tips on how to press through and make it past Hump Day on the job:

  • Don’t put so much on your to-do list that you feel overwhelmed.
  • Focus first on tasks that get biggest results and that are most difficult.
  • Stay highly focused in spurts. Take breaks in between to hydrate and, if working at a desk, stretch your legs.
  • Think of the day as one unit of time. Successful CEO Jack Dorsey of Square’s recommends giving each workday a theme. Deal with distractions rapidly and get back on track.
  • Map out your workday according to your typical energy levels.
  • If your mental focus is lacking, don’t press in to do the more difficult tasks. Choose tasks that fit your current mental capacity.
  • Set up templates in Gmail so that you can use automated responses, which can be done while still in the inbox.
  • When too much time is eaten up in back-and-forth emails, have a conversation, instead.


You Can Make It!

Hump Day really just means, “You can do it! You’re almost there!” This is a great message because life practically demands some kind of cheering on.



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